Gods, also known as deities, are beings with immense power and influence, normally capable of manipulating reality to their wills and accomplishing feats thought unimaginable by lesser beings. Such individuals are looked upon with respect, either though their good natures or by fear, and are often worshipped by lesser beings.

The two realities that gods are known to reside in are Skyverse or The Void, and though they don't often venture into the Prime Universe, they are still worshipped there and have influence to a degree.


The gods of Skyverse come in two variations, the Greater Gods, who have influenced Skyverse from its early years and came about through their own will and that of the universes inhabitants at that time, and are revered as the true and main gods of the universe.

The other type are Lesser Gods, beings with powerful abilities on par with that of a Greater God, though traditionally, they are beings born with these abilities and did not simply come into existence like the Greater Gods did.

Greater GodsEdit

  • The Goddess of Gods "Ami" - The original god that's creation sparked the birth of the universe. Ami is considered the mother of all gods, and thus is regarded as the head of their council.
  • The God of Darkness - The being said to have existed before the creation of the universe, Darkness rules over Hell in Skyverse and is revered as the demonic shadow that lurks under Skyverse.
  • The God of Time - The deity that has complete control and influence over time itself, he is said to have come into existence as soon as time began to flow in the universe.
  • The Goddess of Nature - The Goddess of Nature appeared when life began to develop in the barren universe and thus has reign over it. She cares for most beings, be it plant, animal or human, though only if they treat nature with the respect it deserves.
  • The God of Fear - The embodiment of all that is feared by the universes denizens, The God of Fear revels in delight at the influence he has had on the universes inhabitants throughout the years.
  • The Goddess of Love - A being who brings love to all and is the antithesis of Fear, The Goddess of Love has the most direct contact with the beings of Skyverse out of all of the gods.
  • The God of Wisdom - A forgotten god who was stricken from history, not much is known about him other than the few inventions he left behind.
  • The Goddess of Leadership - a Goddess who invokes leadership, be it through fear, influence or charisma, she represents it in all form, though she prefers if a being does it through good means.
  • The God of War - A deity that represents the universes passion for war and represents it in all its forms. Be them large scale conflicts or political feuds, The God of War respects and acknowledges all forms of war.

Lesser GodsEdit

  • The God of Chaos "Discord" - A cruel and bizarre deity who delights in the misfortune he inflicts on others due to his childish antics, though his attitude is not to be misjudged, as he is as dangerous as he is crazy.
  • The God of Insanity "The Raven" - What at first appears to be a mere bird that soars across the Skyverse is actually a cruel tormentor with the power to drive even the strongest willed man to insanity.
  • The God of the Hunt "Hircine" - A ritualistic hunter who respects the mighty hunt beyond all else. He is known for spreading lycanthropy across the universe, so he may have hounds to hunt with.
  • The Goddess of Death "Rias" - A powerful arch demon who acted as the God of Darkness' aide and had great influence over hell. However now she has been stripped of her power, she is considered but a mere human.

The VoidEdit




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