Girf Grif is Grif's "evil" twin brother. Not much is known about him, but he is known to be cliche and even more self-obsessed than Grif. Since Grif is immortal and has taken many forms over 45,000 years, it was determined that Girf was actually created by Grif in an attempt to become mortal. However, the process left Girf slightly insane, explaining his eccentric behavior.


Girf is relatively well skilled in combat, but is far from being extraordinary. Girf is also somewhat skilled at building devices, but they tend to not perform as expected.


Due to being far more self-obsessed and problematic than Grif, most of the others dislike him. However, despite being relatively evil, Girf has had no reason to kill any of them. In fact, he is sometimes amused by the situations that arise because of them, though he often regrets if he becomes involved in them.


While he does occasionally cause trouble for Grif by impersonating him, he seems to care about his brother. This is shown when he became enraged after Grif's "death" and wanted to seek revenge.

Girf (Evil Verse)Edit

Girf was disappointed that his Evil Verse counterpart isn't an evil genius, but in a way is glad to not have the competition. Although he finds his counterpart to be a bit of a pushover, he allows his counterpart to live in his house.