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Bounty Hunter

Gidranth is a intergalactic bounty hunter known for his untrustworthiness. He is a powerful creature that delights in betraying whoever he's partnered with and is an extremely skilled combatant.


Gidranth is all about deceit; those he works with should never trust him, for at one moment or the other he will betray them, no matter how long in the mission it is. He particularly takes favour in terminating his targets rather than capturing them.


Gidranth was one of the many Bounty Hunters hired to hunt down the Saiyan Tenks. He was picked to work with Samus in eliminating Tenks. However, upon arriving in-system, he fired his ship's cannons at Samus's gunship, disabling the port engine and causing her to crash. He landed shortly thereafter, and engaged in combat with Tenks, Samus, and Mitsubi Jr., who they didn't expect to be in the fight.

After severely disabling Samus's capabilities, Gidranth withdrew to recollect his energies on the pretence of a bargain with Samus. He began to plot his way to take Tenks and Mitsubi, perhaps while fused, to get double the payment, and take down Samus at the same time. However before Gidranth could put his plans into action the two Saiyan's were captured by the UNSC and shipped off planet. Gidranth, feeling disappointed decided to move onto his next mission straight away.


Gidranth is a telepathic and can read other peoples minds and communicate to them via this power as well. As a bounty hunter he has several abilities that make him absolutely lethal: His primary ability is the power to phase through solid matter at will for a brief moment. His arm blades are formidable melee weapons, and are able to fire purple disintegrator beams at his targets. Gidranth is also capable of a form of short-range teleportation via his phasing ability, and can hover in the air. His special ability is an area-affect telepathic wave that deals damage to the brain akin to sonic weapons. With his telepathy, he is also able to control his ship remotely.