074Geodude AG anime

Geodude is a specific Geodude found by Vile during his boredom. After Vile failed to shank him, Grif began giving Geodude beer, which led to Vile and Geodude waking up in bed together. While Geodude seemed to be alright with it, Vile was quite disturbed and immediately began drinking more of Grif's beer in an attempt to forget what happened. This also upset Geodude's wife, Aron.


Geodude is skilled at being a rock. He is resilient to attempted shanking by Vile.


Geodude is very laid back and carefree, not even getting upset after being shanked. He also enjoys getting drunk.



Geodude slept with Vile after getting drunk. Geodude enjoyed this, but Vile did not.


Geodude married an Aron, but his encounter with Vile has strained this marriage.


Grif and Geodude have had little interaction aside from sharing beer.

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