Ganondorf, Great King of Evil, is the reason behind the blanket of Darkness on Earth. He was responsible for ransacking hundreds of countries of their wealth, giving thousands of people numerous curses, capturing and torturing many people, and initiating a massive slaughter of every individual who supported peace and prosperity. He is the master of magic, capable of cancelling ANY attack initiated towards him, and can take out any enemy, no matter how powerful, with one blow.

After leading his army of Gerudos and multiple monsters in his massive conquest, (In which he alsmost succeeded in taking over the world), his army was finally stopped and the leader of the band was defeated. His trial was then initiated three days later, and he was found guilty for mass slaughter, torture, magic corruption, etc. He was judged by the Light Sages, who were later the ones to exectute him.

The day after his trial, Ganondorf was sentanced to Death by the Light Sages... the Water Sage took the Executioner's Sword and impaled Ganondorf with it. However, by some divine prank, Ganondorf had somehow received the Triforce of Power, granting him near-invincibility... he tore the Sword from his abdomen and attacked the Water Sage with it, killing the Light Spirit. But this did not stop the others from acting... they quickly used the Mirror of Twilight to cast him into the Twilight realm forever. And yet despite this, he did not remain there....