Ganar Sledge
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Sledge, Warhammer, "Hey what is that big blue thing running at us?"






Ganar Wrang (father, deceased)




Bounty Hunter

A krogan bounty hunter hailing from Tuchanka, much like The Blood Pack he will normally take only dangerous jobs with a low chance of success.


Vulgar, brutish and headstrong, Sledge is a typical krogan through and through. He revels in combat and claims it to be the only time he truly feels joy. He cares not for the others around him, often going out of his way to be as destructive as he can with no thought put to collateral damage.


Born on Tucanka to the then acting leader of the Blood Pack and warlord, Ganar Wrang, Sledge was trained from infancy to aspire to be as strong as his father and to eventually slay him in combat and lead the Blood Pack. However, before Sledge was even old enough to attempt this, his father was killed by another Krogan to sought to rule the gang.

Sledge, however, did not care that he lost his chance to run the Blood Pack, instead continuing his training to become a mighty Krogan Battlemaster and to eventually leave Tuchanka to become a bounty hunter.

Weapons and Ablilites Edit

Sledge is a Krogan Battlemaster: rare individuals who combine powerful biotic abilities with the devastating firepower of advanced  weaponry. Sledge also carries around a modified gravity hammer which he can channel his bitotic powers through to create powerful strikes.