Frieza is a alien of a unknown race that somehow entered Avatarverse through unknown means. She is hunting the Avatar Team.

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Frieza final form by maffo1989-d68yn84






Frieza's Empire


Not much is known about Frieza other than he is the "supreme lord of the universe". He delights in killing and is sadistic in nature. Frieza strongly believes he is the strongest in the univrese due to him always being ahead of everyone in power, which helped him take control of the known universe. Sometime in his life he was transported into the Avatarverse where he began his rampage. He attempted to make allies with the Fire Natoin only for that to fail. Now he hunts the Avatar, Violet, and the rest of the team in a attempt to kill them before the Firelord does. Purely so he can show his superioty.


Frieza is very, very powerful. Able to take on the entire Avatar Team and Violet without much of a sweat, while also fighting fire nation. He is a force to be truly reckoned with. 

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