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Major Frederic-104 is a Spartan-II Commando of the UNSC. Fred did not take the offer of joining the ranks of Spartan-IV's and was allowed to be kept as a II rather than retiring. He was once one of the last Spartan-IIs alive until a small number of Spartan-IIs were revived by Rias. Operating now as a small task force for the UNSC, they now take on their old role once again, but under a new directive and with a different set of rules; fulfilling the most dangerous of missions and continuing to defend Humanity. 

His current mission is various unknown missions with the Spartan-V's.


Fred has displayed many similarities, both physical and mental, with John-117. He is an exceptional leader and a quick thinker. John remarked, however, that Fred sometimes takes the responsibility of his command too seriously, empathizing too deeply with any wounded member of his team. He, like many other Spartans, was an introvert and didn't like to be called by his full name. He never really began to stand out among the Spartans until the death of Samuel-034.

As of 2553, he had fought in more than 120 military campaigns. He was the Spartan-II's second best sniper and best spotter, just below Linda-058's skills. In fact, John once said that Fred came in 2nd place in all of the contests the Spartans had as children, John thought he could have come out on top but didn't like the attention. He was well known for his abilities with the Combat Knife. Fred had black hair which was shot with streaks of silver after his augmentation, and he was not too short or tall (A little shorter than John-117), and neither too muscular, nor too slim. In fact it was commented by John-117 that "if any Spartan had to blend into a crowd, it would be Fred". As with all Spartans he is unnaturally pale because he rarely if ever is exposed to sunlight.


Mission to revive Spartan-IIs and encounter with RiasEdit

Frederic-104 was then sent by UNSC High Command to retrieve and revive a small number of the best Spartan-IIs who had fallen. The Spartan took a squad of ODSTs with him, and with classified details left behind by ONI, he pinpointed the location and way to traverse to Rias's dimension.

When they arrived there, it was relatively easy to convince Rias to revive the spartans he requested. She could tell the unease in his voice, as perhaps he'd perfer to have them all resurrected... but this was not meant to be. He took those who were allowed to live once more back into UNSC space.