Fox McCloud is a fox humanoid from a star system in the andromeda galaxy. He is a adventurer, combatant, pilot, and a mercanary. He is the son of James McCloud, a famous pilot who piloted the Arwing. Fox also flies a

Fox McCloud














Former leader of the Star Fox team, now vagabond living somewhere in Andromeda trying to survive

Arwing, except its upgraded and more advanced than the Arwings of his fathers time. 

Early LifeEdit

Fox was raised on a planet called Corneria by his father James. From a young age, Fox showed exceptional skills in piloting, as well as hand to hand combat. He also has great talent when it comes to his blaster and
Fox with his Staff
other types of weaponary. His father was killed at a young age and Fox was left to be raised by his fathers friend, Peppy. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fox has orange fur covering his body with emerald green eyes, he has a lone stripe on his forehead that is white. The rest of his skin is a cream color and is average height, about 5'7. Fox wears a green under shirt with a silver vest along with green combat pants with knee guards. He has a backpack on his back that he uses to store various equipment, as well as his staff. He wears fingerless gloves with a red scarf. 


Fox is overal vigorous and loyal and sometimes cocky and can be a rogue at times. He doesnt always follow regulation when it comes to combat, but that always seem to benefit him. Making him unpredictable. He is mentioned to be pure of heart.


Fox and his team was on a recent op. Their assignment was to capture or kill Grace O'Malley. The mission ended up a failure when Grace's ship The Arcadia rammed the Great Fox, destroying it. The team took a major loss and them along with their battalion had to escape in Arwings and escape pods. The ship was recently replaced with a more advanced ship, christened as the Hunter-Gratzner. Soon after he was betrayed by the very people who built his ship and conned him into helping invade a base. His crew was killed and Fox was taken prisoner by Exon. He served in the Exon Army until he was released and sent back to his home planet...who is now allies with Exon. He was placed in Cornarian jail for 6 months before being released. He is currently living in the slums with his fellow Vulpinians, trying to repair his life and restore his social status as a Cornarian Pilot.


The Arwing is Fox's main combat star craft. It is known for its balance of speed, power, and performance that it is known for. The Arwing is equipped with the revolutionary G-Diffuser system, an anti-gravity device which

Foxes Arwing


Space Dynamics


17.5 meters


8.5 meters

Engine Unit

NTD-FX1 Plasma engine w/G-diffuser

Power Plant

Gravity Diffusion


Gravity Diffusion

Targetting systems

Lock on, but can also be free fired


H1 Laser Cannon

Smart Bomb Launcher


1 pilot

allows the pilot to accelerate or decelerate instantaneously and perform a wide variety of high performance combat maneuvers. This was destroyed during his capture at the hands of Exon. Fox still has blue prints on his wrist computer but no means to build a new one

Aftermath of CorneriaEdit

Fox was able to make it off world with a number of civilians during the attack on Corneria. Now having nothing left and his home being destroyed. Fox is now a refugee, having nothing left of his home say for his staff, pilot's badge, and just memories. He is now living off the grid somewhere in Andromeda. Cornarian files read him as KIA. His patriotism for his country support him as KIA as a possible rebel killed in action.


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