• Scutum-Centaurus Arm
    • Nilo System


  • Urano City

Known Locations

  • Urano City
  • Orabora Islands


38 million

Known Residents


 Foire is one of the habitable moons of the Gas Giant Nilo IV. It is the capital world of the Nilo Confederation.



The Kingdom of Foire was founded by Aselia's father, Maxir Nalle in early 2562. Contray to the belief of wanting complete independence from the UCR, King Nalle knew that his fledging nation would not survive long without protection from the UCR's military. Reaching an agreement in 2563, the UCR would be allowed to build bases and operate from Foire on the condition that the UCR help build up material for the newly founded Foire Royal Military. Between 2563 and 2575, King Nalle, with the aide of his advisors, built up Foire's infrastructure while slowly building up their military.

Pirate InvasionEdit

Due to increasing galactic tensions between the UCR and UEG, the UCR would pull out it's garrsion force on Foire to protect her colonies from a possible war, leaving the defense of the moon in the hands of Nalle's unproven military. This would prove to be Foire's undoing as a large force of pirates attacked the moon in 2575, overwhelming its forces. King Nalle and much of the royal family and advisors would be killed in this attack, leaving the young Aselia as the next ruler of Foire. Aselia would abandon Foire with what ships survived and joined the Core Resistance, whom started a war with the UCR due to it's lack of progress on the repair of the Mako Space Colony since the Vagan Attack in 2573. Aselia's and Core's forces would be ultimately defeated by the UCR, ending the short "war". 

Government shiftEdit

The exiles would not return to Foire until the end of the short civil war, when a UCR Naval Section comprised of 48 warships led by then Commodore Tonis Valens, eliminated the pirate pressance in space using tactical reaction weaponry delivered via Ghost Drones before sending down marine and Special Forces onto the moon's surface. Rebuilding of the moon's infracstructure began once all remaining pirates were eliminated or captured. However, Princess Aselia was deemed unfit to lead Foire, and a new government, the Nilo Confederation, led by Chancellor Drian, was formed in early 2577. Under Drian, repairs of damaged infrastructures and constriction of new settlements to accommodate the large influx of refugees from Mako was prioritize. Re-training of the new military was undertaken by the UCR.

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