Fireteam Zhulu is a squad of special operation soldiers who work together on recovery, intel, and man hunt missions. THey also assist normal grunts and infranty in gun fights. 

Going tactical


Fireteam Zhulu was formed shortly after they all graduated from their training. At first Zander and Snowman didnt get along but they slowly grown to each other. Now they are best friends forged in battle. Frost however, has a bad habit of challenging Zanders command and messing with him. But it isnt enough to count as treason or being punished in court. But now they all work together flawlessly. They each have a different
Fireteam Zhulu being briefed

Before being sent to Omega

way of confronting though. Zander prefers the tacitical way, while Frost prefers shooting his way in and out. Snowman is a mixture of both. THeir most recent op was retreiving a soldier who went AWAL from Omega, he was a high value target who had UCR intel. On a recent Op to investigate a UCR storage warehouse being raided. Frost, a member of the team was killed and for now it is just Zander and Snowman. they are waiting to get a new squad member.


A ex Zoid mech pilot and current special operations soldier, Zander is sniper qualified, jump qualifed, and pilot qualifed. He is also known for the datapad on his wrist that he uses to hack into almost any system. To him, failure is NOT a option.  He is a avid and well rounded soldier with many battles under his belt. He does this as a career and is proud of it. He prefers short burst or assualt rifles. He is the squad leader.


Is just like Zander, both are well seasoned and very serious. They do it by the book and expects a flawless mission and they wont leave a man behind. . They both leave the politics to the higher ups. He is qualifed in jump planning, forgien langauge expert, and technology. He prefers single shot rifles and his the teams rifleman and main sniper.

Former membersEdit


He was killed in action from a sword through the chest.  He saw Zander as a father figure and even though they argued at times. This loss hit Zander hard.

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