F-3 Shinden Typhoon


AMG Transport Dynamics


20 metres


16 metres


5.3 metres


2 main engine units


  • Multirole fighter (As built)





The F-3 Shinden is a UNSC spacefighter as an improvement on the late F-41 Broadsword design. First production began in 2556 and is slated to end in 2582.

Technologies and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Created after the Human-Covenant War, the Shinden was designed to combat fast and maneuverable spacecraft like the Seraph fighter. Its engine layout is somewhat unique being stacked ontop of each other in addition to having tradition VTOL capabilities. Despite the introduction of Variable Fighters into the Milky way by the UCRAF the Shinden remains viable with modifications to combat these threats. Its armament in space is best suited for taking on enemy craft in close ranges where it can easily shred most protections. The Shinden was rather stealthy for its time, only superseded by fourth generation Variable Fighters.


  • 1x Internal GAU-11 30mm Marvel
  • 2x Corrosive Torpedos; Used for attacks against lightly armored capital ships (optional)
  • 26 General purpose missiles or unguided bombs store internally
    • IFF Missile; A missile that traces the enemy IFF and heat signature. If the missile loses the heat signatures it will follow the unidentified IFF. Each missile has a very simple computer for guidance and to evade point defense systems.
  • M6088 LRAA; Long range highly maneuverable missiles. Intended for targeting maneuverable and fast moving targets like Seraphs or Variable Fighters.
  • Class-2B Guided munitions launch system; Four Air to Ground rocket pods for use against tanks or bunkers.


  • Beufo CZ-11 Hardlight shields


  • F-3A - Single seat spacefighter.
  • F-3B - Two seat trainer version.
  • F-3C - Upgraded single seat variation produced in 2568 with a redesigned wing and high output reactor. Equipped with second generation Artemis radar and high maneuverability missiles to combat Variable Fighters.