The Exon Sputnik is a towering multiple battle vehicle. Although it isn't clear how Exon got the technology, they were able to reverse engineer and replicate several of these Reaper ships. 

The SputniksEdit

Sputniks were reporposed and piloted by humans or Sangheili and are extremely resilient and formidible battle vehicles. They are able to make landfall and go back into space again with extreme ease. They also have surprisingly good speed enabling them to be side by side with the Exon fleet. Although it has only one major armament it has extreme range and is extremely dangerous due to the fact with its ease to burn through sheilds and split ships in two. Exon designed the reaper to self destruct if it was to be disabled so it won't get into enemy hands if it does happen to go down but they also designed it so it has its own "dumbed down" AI were it saves costs of a normal smart AI but will maintain or take direct control of the Sputnik enabling them to float around planets to be used as ODPs. 

Designing and Reverse engineering crewEdit

Exon and the UNSC tag teamed the Sputnik although Exon did most of the work the UNSC's contributions where taken with gratitude. 

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