After the government was established an elite security force was needed to keep places such as the kremlin and its politicians safe. Thel 'Chavam then established Exon's Red Guard consisted of Exon's finest Sangheili and human warriors to safeguard these.


  • Have to be over the age of 30.
  • Have to have at least 10 years of millitary experience. 
  • Have to be an Exon-born citizen. 
  • Can't leave Exon (Or the citadel) unless coming with a leader.
  • Have to be in top shape. 


The training of the Red Guard consists of a 5 year long instense training period that starts at the age of 25 for humans and the age of 4 for Sangheili. They are trained in being able to use all known forms of weaponry and the know how to experiment with the unknown weapons. They are extremely adept at close range combat trained even to deal with threats such as spartans, hunters, and sangheili. The Red Guard are in peak pysical shape as well as given augmented implants which grant them selective powers such as a limited form of TK (Still in its experimental stages).

Equipment Edit

The red guard are given custom weaponry and a full range of attachments and even other faction weaponry at their disposal.

Battles Edit

Invasion of the UEG - The Guards as a whole preformed exceptionally in the invasion with Apocalypse Tank assistance.

Invasion of Nippon - Although ultimately ending in a humiliating defeat the guards managed to destroy many nippon tanks and infantry with ease.

Defense of Exon - The guards have taken large losses but inflicted extreme casualties on the enemy.

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