For the RodinaEdit

The Exon Civilian Militia has somewhat created a name for themselves over the years during occupation by factions such as the UNSC or more recently the ELA. The ECM is consisted of mostly civilians (an ERA rifleman or pilot from behind enemy lines will occasionally work their way in) and wage a behind the lines war with occupiers. While the ERA deals with the main attacking for the Patisans will attack convoys, suppy lines, enemy officer headquarters, or even (Although rarely) will join the ERA.

Kovak's Provisional RiflesEdit

Led by an inspirationally good marksman for his race, Kovak's Provisional Rifles is a militia partisan unit from New Murmansk, Exon. They were formerly hunters, selling skins from a differing animal species to make their living. Kovak's unit consists of mostly snipers with top tier accuracy. They specialize in long range combat and suffer dearly in close range combat due to them mostly being civilians armed with the M92/77s and long hunting rifles which dubs them with the simple nickname "long rifles". Kovak's Rifles date back to the UNSC's attempted invasions of Exon and carry on to this day by his son, Voro Kovak.

The SavagesEdit

Utilizing perfected stealth of the hunter and even using active camo at times The Savages are a mostly Sangheili and Jirlhanae (humans are allowed if proven) warriors with improvised fighting weapons ranging from tomahawks to improvised long swords and even pitch forks. They are rightfully named due for their near craze to kill their enemies and practically make trophies of them. The Savages work the best up close but suffer at any form of range. The Savages have made their name attacking enemy convoys and leaving "Nothing but bits" in a literal sense.

(Wip still)Edit

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