In SyncEdit

The Exon Immortals are comprised of Humans and Sangheili that have been heavily integrated with cybernetics. Most Exon Immortals are mostly robotic with extremely advanced technology made for specifically killing. The Exon Immortals were birthed from Avtomat Kalashnikova's lab assisstant Roberto Menendez. Menendez, known for having a cybernetic eye and arm, was known for having the goal of improving the lives of those in Exon and Sangheilios territories with prosthetic limbs and organs. Seeing as the number of said prosthetic users was steadily climbing due to Exon's heavy focus of military and raiding other planets. Menendez went to create the Direct Neural Interface, or better known as the DNI with help of Avtomat and resources from Armiger.
Black-Op-3 Ruins-Magnum WM

An Exon Immortal fighting along side the R.A.P Sentry.


The Direct Neural Interface allows the user to establish complete control over their physiology, as well as greater ease with integrating with other DNI users or computer systems. Even to the point of "killing" AI/VIs when in use of the military, although it takes several users and saps the strength of the attackers. The DNI allows 24/7 training for military purposes, while resting or in hospital trama they are allowed to utilize full Virtual Reality (VR) training to sharpen their skills. When they are awake they fight, while they sleep they train. While civilian models are no were near as hardcore as this the DNI allows for a longer lifespan for the users (although they will still only live as long as the normal human being seeing as they are missing key functions to their body).

VR trainingEdit

The VR training comprises of ways to improve the soldier to combat by allowing them to relive battles of recent or even hundreds of years ago in order to better immerse them into combat. When in VR they may take several paths which lead to several possibilities and outcomes. The VR allows for visual aid in incoming explosives and killzones of varrying weapon types in the simulation. The simulation also allows the use of varrying types of weapons allowing for them to better prepare themselves for the need in the future. The DNI also provides live warnings of explosives and killzones on suppressive weapons for the user during actual combat.

The full combat ready Exon Immortal

Cybernetics and Jump jetsEdit

The Cybernetics allow for incredible leaps of strength, speed, and endurance. The jump jets allow for wall running, dashing, sprinting assistance, and limited flight capabilites. The cybernetics created by armiger where accomplished thanks to a breakthrough with Vanguard assisstance.

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