We are Honor - Rtas "Stacker" 'Chavam

The 'Old Breed'Edit

The 'Old Breed' is a term used to describe what the original Exon Havoc's were. Considered to be the heart and soul of Exon, they all had extremely colorful personalities (and most still do). They were the confidience and hope that in many of Exon military member's opinions had brought them the freedom that Exon now has today. Although most of the Old Breed were considered felons years after the USSR allied itself with the UEG to form the CGE, The Old Breed are still revered and respected by all aspects of society (especially the younger portions). The entirity of the Exon Old Breed Havocs, or more commonly known as the Crusaders, were Sangheili men of taller stature and muscle build that were selected for augmentations. Thanks to a classified doctor as well as a classified engineer, the program was a huge success. What resulted were men who not only were confident in their abilities but retained their personality, a trait that was lacking in their rivals the SPARTANS. Their actions and willingness to see justice done whatever the cost (sometimes at the expense of their loyalty to Exon itself) was legendary throughout the USSR.

The New BreedEdit

The New Breed of Exon Havocs are much different. Although technically much more efficient in terms of agility and overall battlefield tests, they lack the heart and soul that the Old Breed offered. They also feature unwavable loyalty to the USSR cause, which normally puts them at odds with the rest of the galaxy and their personalities show it. These new super soldiers lack in raw power when compared to the Old Breed but gain in speed and armor efficiency. It is a common discussion on Exon over who would win at their respective primes.


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