Evil Evo

Karen Yeri


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September 30






Karen Yeri



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Evil Evo is one of the alternate beings from the Evilverse.


Evil Evo grew up on Earth with her older brother; the Human-Covenant War probably didn't happen. At some point a woman named Evil Yoko picked a fight with the Earthlings and attempting to kill them. After her appearance the universe became unlivable quickly, likely believed to be the Xenos. Her brother was killed in a really dumb fashion and most of the beings on Earth were killed either by Evil Yoko or something else. Evil Evo and some others got together in an attempt to subdue their Yoko. This resulted in a cross-dimensional rift to the Primeverse. Assuming anyone besides Evil Evo was left by the time they got to the Prime universe to confront Evil Yoko, they would have ended up dead anyways. Not wishing to die, she fled.

Evil Evo wound up on the colony of Sigma Octanus IV. She sold off the stuff on her and made up a new name for herself. Evil Evo found a cat who followed her around so she took him and named him Hunter. She currently lives by one of the planets beaches selling stuff to beachgoers, hoping that her past doesn't find her and that the cat would stop eating so much. She had a short relationship with one of the Alphabet people but they broke up.


Compared to her counterpart, this Evo is rather carefree, content with not doing very much. Her interactions with the group of her universe were minuscule as most were little more than fodder to Yoko.

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