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All things truly wicked start from an innocence.

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Evil Danno


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"All things truly wicked start from an innocence."

Evil Danno is the Evil-Verse version of Danno. He is among the few survivors of the Evil-Verse conflict, a bloody battle that saw the end of many Evil versions of the adventure group. With the small number of encounters he's had with the Prime-Verse characters, his goals to this day remain unknown even to his fellow companions who were fortunate enough to survive the conflict.


Pre Evil-Verse ConflictEdit

Not much is known about Evil Danno's past. All that is known is that he was part of the adventure group in the Evil-Verse, and that he is a darker version of the Prime-Verse Danno. He kept few alliances with his companions, often sitting in silence during discussions, speaking only when he felt something needed to be said. It is implied he often took the different approach and opposing side in a task or debate, including whether the Evil-Verse invasion should have been carried out or not.

Evil Verse ConflictEdit

During the Evil-Verse attack, Evil Danno chose to remain behind in Evil-Verse for a time, waiting and watching the struggle his companions were undergoing. Close to the end of the battle, Evil Danno silently slipped away and stealthily hid in the darkness of deep space, leaving behind his universe and allies as they fell in battle one by one. He did nothing to try to save them or help them.

Escape (2 years before Generation 2)Edit

Long after his escape of the Evil-Verse, he was accidentally encountered once more on a dark, cold and desolate planet somewhere in unknown space. The planet was a lone one, orbiting an unstable Red Giant star; after Danthrall's vessel, the Judgement, entered the system while being persued by a UNSC ONI ship, the planet was detected and designated as the only possible landing zone. Danthrall received random coordinates from his Forerunner scanners and decided to jump to this system to check it out.

In the aftermath of the ensuing battle between the two vessels, they both became damaged beyond repair and crashed onto the Planet's surface. Danthrall continued his scans of the planet through his Cryptum, which survived the crash, while the ONI ship's commander, Evo, collected survivors to coordinate their plans.

X and Alien-king, whom had managed to infiltrate both the ship and stow away aboard the Cryptum, emerged onto the surface from a side hatch and discovered the world had a breathable atmosphere. This was odd, giving the circumstances of the system and the planet itself. However, they attempted to follow Danthrall's Promethean force, after encountering and joining forces with Evo, as he continued to monitor and penetrate the world's surface.

Eventually, the Prometheans managed to dig deep enough to find the Forerunner artifact Danthrall had detected; it was a dormant, but active, distress beacon. Upon further recon, he detected what turned it on; the caverns opened up to a massive chamber that revealed a technology similar to the Forerunners, but different. The structures revealed inside were Black metal, powered by mysterious Green energy.

Upon discovery, some of the structures began to move and collapsed their point of entry; forcing them to go deeper in order to escape. The Prometheans and the remaining UNSC troopers, plus X, Alien, and Evo, fought off the constructs separately, but had great difficulty as when three constructs went down, one of them came back up. Additionally, with every move used successfully against them, the constructs adapted so that same technique couldn't be used again. Also, the Constructs would often swarm, or combine in more powerful forms, mostly resembling arthropods such as beetles, scorpions, and wasps.

With tremendous difficulty and losses, Evo, X, Alien King, and Danthrall finally decided to actually team up (After
Evil Danno 8

Evil Danno upon encountering Danno, Evo, Alien-King, and X

Danthrall remembered who they were). They pushed deeper into the complex fortress they found themselves in, and eventually stumbled upon a large pyramidal chamber. In the chamber stood Evil Danno, whom claimed to have manipulated the events that lead them there (Activating the beacon, planting the curiosity in Danthrall's mind, etc.). After this, he easily defended himself from all 4, who assaulted him, and then he captured many of Danthrall's remaining Promethenas and many of Evo's remaining soldiers, and escaped with them. He then escaped the planet in a large, Black Diamond shaped vessel, leaving the rest of them for the Red Giant to consume upon going Supernova.

Luckily, the group managed to escape. They fled in Danthrall's Cryptum, as Evo's vessel was too damaged to move, but they initiated a self-destruct so they could take out whatever remained of the Evil Danno constructs he left there to make sure they didn't escape. With this, they fled the system just as the Star exploded. Evil Danno had disappeared at that point into unknown space.

Encounter with the Saiyans (1 year before Gen-2)Edit

Sometime after his escape, Evil Danno came across a barren planet that once belonged to the Saiyan race, and at that point, his vessel ran out of the necessary power to continue his travels. He detected still active pieces of their technology, and from this, he devised a plan; Evil Danno constructed a distress beacon from what constructs of Saiyan make he could, and activated it, in order to lure any remaining Saiyans that journeyed near the system, along with anyone else who could pick it up. The scheme worked, and he drew in a single Saiyan along with a group of colonists. After quickly harvesting them into his vessel and turning them into constructs, he decided to replicate the colonists, with no memory of their previous encounter with him, and had them create a simulation machine for any more Saiyans that arrive there. With this in place, he would gather enough Saiyans to integrate into his Ship, and use their vast amounts of power to repair and charge his vessel enough for him to escape the system.

This plan worked until he got to his Sixth Saiyan, Mitsubi, who happened to be the last one he needed for his ship. Eventually, Mitsubi developed an attraction towards a particular scientist, and eventually, he realized the Saiyans he was meeting with there were all a fake generated by the Simulator the colonists made. Immediately after this, Evil Danno lowered his vessel into the atmosphere of the planet, cloaked by an artificial cloud of darkness. He sent out a swarm of beetle-like constructs to assault the Colony, which was protected by shielding and AA laser cannons, as Mitsubi flew out to destroy them and find their source.

However, the cloud was much too powerful for him to penetrate, as lightning struck him continually and more constructs fired energy blasts and sliced him in close quarters. Eventually, the constructs shifted their strategy, digging under the shield and killing off security team members as Mitsubi plunged through the ground to the underground bunker (Where the engineers, scientists, and other colonists had retreated to for protection). However, the constructs merely flew into this new hole, and even as Mitsubi generated a shield over the large group to protect them, his energy kept getting drained from their blasts, and he eventually lost power and was knocked away and briefly into unconciousness.

Upon awakening not too long after, Mitsubi saw a group of scientists, including the one he was attatched to, in the grip of some constructs. However, before he could rescue them, his body lost all movement ability as Evil Danno appeared before him. Preventing Mitsubi from making any action by holding him in place, he had a dark discussion with the Saiyan, revealing the true nature of the Colony and how Mitsubi trapped himself in something he could not escape from. Evil Danno seemed to peer into his mind and twist every word Mitsubi had to say against him, as he figured out his connection with the scientist, and used it against him; when Mitsubi finally broke free from Evil Danno's telekinetic grasp, Evil Danno threatened to cause her pain if he did not stop. When Mitsubi tried to attack Evil Danno, he discovered the Dark adversary was merely energy in armor, and Evil Danno did as he promised; Mitsubi finally stopped attacking to keep Evil Danno from harming the Scientist.

He then teleported the remaining captured scientists and colonists onto his vessel, left Mitsubi there to chase after him, then teleported himself into his ship. Just as Mitsubi gave chase, the storm cloud slowed him down as the Ship flew into space. Mitsubi did as Evil Danno expected, chasing after his ship. Evil Danno stopped his vessel so Mitsubi flew over it, and Evil Danno captured his Space pod.

Inside, Mitsubi emerged from his space pod and saw some of the Colonists (Who were made into Constructs
Evil Danno 7

Evil Danno inside the core room of his vessel

before he was taken aboard). As he searched for the Scientist, Evil Danno's voice filled the chamber and told him how it would all soon be over; all he needed to do was to surrender his power to the ship, so they could escape the system they were trapped in. Mitsubi continued to resist as the vessel's main core began to take form behind him, a pair of green diamond crystals which created a powerful gravity field that slowly increased it's pull on him expnentially. Eventually, Mitsubi realised the only thing he could do, and that even then, Evil Danno could be defeated; he allowed himself to be captured in the ship's core, and fed his energy into the heart of the vessel. As Evil Danno proclaimed himself seemingly victorious, and stated that even someone like Mitsubi could learn to have a true purpose, the ship's power system began to destabilize; Mitsubi was overfeeding the power system. Ignoring Evil Danno's attempt to stop him with words, Mitsubi would attempt cause the vessel to explode and take Evil Danno down with him. Evil Danno used what energy he collected from the Saiyan to create a portal leading outside the system, then started to shed the ship's outer layers as he went after Mitsubi. Teleporting and appearing before him, Evil Danno entered the destabilizing core to stop Mitsubi. However, the Saiyan had already charged up power for himself, and flew out of the core. At this point, Mitsubi's power was almost exausted due to the tremendous pull of the core (Which had lost it's ability to pull things with power into itself, but could still, at this point, keep something inside it; i.e., Evil Danno), but as Evil Danno summoned the newly harvested Colonists to defend him, Mitsubi picked the one he believed was the Scientist and fed his energy into it. Because the Core had cut off Evil Danno from the rest of his ship and his constructs, his influence and control over the constructs was broken, and Mitsubi managed to use the last bit of his power to return the Scientist to her normal form. Shocked and enraged, Evil Danno extended his arm out of the core as his final gesture before it completely closed around him, and the remaining parts of the ship truly began to die. Mitsubi ran back to his space pod, taking the Scientist with him, and managed to emerge from one of the Ship's now many holes, and escaped from it as it's final inner pieces collapsed from existance. All that was left was a huge aura of green energy in space, and the portal which sucked it's energy inside, placing it outside the system, before collapsing.

Generation 2: First resurgenceEdit

Some time after this event, Mitsubi collected enough energy to power his space pod and get himself and the Scientist out of the system and towards a planet known by the adventure team. Within 3 years, he managed to land on the planet and cause enough media uproar to catch the attention of Church, Mami, and Danno, whom all happened to be there at the time. Danno carried X along with him aboard a War Sphinx, and as the others arrived, they also encountered Tenks, whom also detected the pod's landing. They met the Scientist, Mitsubi, and his new son, Guten.

Mitsubi, after introducing his son and new partner, immediately started warning them to get away from the place and what would follow him, but was too late; the weather was already affected by dark clouds. Danno looked to the skies, sensing a deep familiarality but not remembering what it was yet. Mitsubi kept warning them to get away, but Danno merely had Guten and the Scientist stored in the Cryptum for safety, and Tenks was knocked out by Mitsubi so he wouldn't have to fight.

Suddenly, an entire swarm of bug-like constructs emerged from the cloud to attack them. Danthrall began to snipe them with a binary rifle, as the War Sphinx also did it's work with hardlight cannons, Mami and X unloading their guns at them, and Church his DMR. However, with every three constructs that went down, one was mysteriously resurrected and fought again. The swarm became formidable even for them and Mitsubi, whom kept taunting their leader to come out. Danno kept remembering these constructs; however, due to his 15-year period of dormance, he couldn't quite put his finger on it. After the constructs delt enough damage to them, they stopped attacking, and formed a circular cloud of themselves around the group to prevent their escape as their leader emerged...

A large green circle of energy emerged from the dark, lightning filled clouds, and a large centipded construct emerged from it. From it, receiving Mitsubi's taunts, a very familiar voice spoke from it: Evil Danno had, in fact, somehow survived his ship's core destabilizing with him inside it. He emerged in armored form from the Centipede construct's torso segment, and immediately Mitsubi began his attack. However, similar to their last fight, Evil Danno merely parried and blocked his attacks, and tossed him away with Telekinesis. As Danno stood there, horrified at his Evil Verse self and shocked at his return, Church and Mami then began to assist Mitsubi. However, Mitsubi's time began to run short as Evil Danno managed to pull himself from the attacks and grab Mitsubi with telekinesis. As he told the Saiyan warrior to say goodbye to his son Tenks, whom was just regaining conciousness, Mitsubi broke out of his grasp and tried to punch Evil Danno's 'jaw', but was once again parried and this time was physically grabbed by Evil Danno at the throat. Danno, Church, and Tenks watched with horror as Evil Danno charged energy into the hand holding Mitsubi, vaporizing his head into a green whisp, which then dissolved the rest of his body.

Church was shaken to his very core that Evil Danno would kill someone right in front of his son, who could do nothing to stop his Father's final death. Tenks then entered the battle himself; Evil Danno looked forward to this, wondering if Tenks would make the same mistakes as his father or perhaps be smarter and better, as Danno started advising Church that they get out of there; X and Mami at this point complied and escaped. The army of constructs began attacking again, as Evil Danno summoned three more Centipede constructs to join the one that was there and used them to assault the group. At this point, Danno sent the War Sphinx with Guten and the Scientist away, before engaging the constructs with his own Light Rifle, and Church assaulting the constructs and used Telekinesis to help Tenks against Evil Danno.

Tenks then charged up his most powerful attack: Big Tree Cannon. Firing it at Evil Danno, Evil Danno's armor experienced a flash just before it hit him; when he seemed to be defeated, he merely teleported behind Tenks, evading the attack entirely. Two Centipede constructs then began to go after Danno and Church each, and Church made his latest Telekinetic attack on Church; Evil Danno responded by capturing Church in his telekinetic grasp, and started using the same strategy on Tenks that he used against his father; as Danno engaged the two centipede constructs trying to take him down, Evil Danno started to shut down one of Church's organs with each attack Tenks did against him. Fortunately, Tenks only did one attack before charging his Big Tree Cannon again at Evil Danno and Church. Unable to completely teleport away this time, Evil Danno disengaged his energy from his armor components, which were blasted into oblivion as Church also took the brunt of the blow, severely injured.

Distracted by watching this, Danno was then grabbed by two more Centipede constructs and could not escape their grasp despite his strength. Evil Danno's energy condensed into a ball form, and was attacked by Tenks with a kick. Evil Danno merely hit him in the head with his ball form, then flew over to one of the downed Centipede contsructs and formed himself new armor from it's fallen parts. Church, weakened and badly hurt, used Telekinesis to throw one of the Centipedes holding Danthrall off-guard, allowing Danno to break free from their grasp and use his own Telekinesis to toss them away, then turned to face Evil Danno. Evil Danno was then caught in both Danthrall's Telekinesis and Church's own weakened Telekinesis. Tenks used his sword to attack Evil Danno, but only managed to slice portions of his armor off. The swarm of constructs attacked Danthrall from behind, forcing him to let go of Evil Danno in order to fend them off. Evil Danno then had no trouble breaking out of Church's low-power telekinetic grip as he fired energy blasts to counter Tenk's energy beams. Eventually, despite Danno's formidable training and abilities, the constructs were too well numbered and managed to snap his leg off, then attacked him as he was down with energy blasts until he was knocked out. Church, seeing this, didn't notice the centipede construct behind him, which picked him up with it's mandables, flung him around, then tosses him into a nearby hill, stunning him.

Tenks was then grabbed by Evil Danno with telekinesis, and flung out from beneath the dark cloud, and into the War Sphinx with Guten and the Scientist a good distance away. Evil Danno appeared before them, then asked Tenks if he should torture him first, or his new 'family'.

At this moment, Simon, while exploring space nearby in his Gurren Laggen, noticed the dark storm clouds over this planet and flew in to investigate. As Danno and Church were captured easily by constructs and taken to Evil Danno's hidden vessel, Tenks fought Evil Danno with every breath he had; even when he seemed defeated for a moment, Tenks emerged and blasted a high-power energy beam at Evil Danno, who was standing between him and the War Sphinx. Evil Danno allowed himself to be hit, secondarily causing the War Shinx to also be severely damaged, exposing Guten and the Scientist. Evil Danno was then seemingly defeated from one of Tenks' attacks, whom was assisted by Church's spirit temporarily.

The fight seemed over, until the swarm of constructs attacked them again. Simon arrived, assessing the constructs as the enemy, and assisted Tenks and Guten in destroying them. As one of Church's Pelicans dropped Mari off and it flew over them and assisted, the army was then destroyed. Tenks then went with Mari inside the dark cloud as Simon stayed behind to defend Guten and the Scientist. In the cloud, Evil Danno's vessel was cloaked in invisibility, but Mari managed to see the energy signatures it emitted, and aimed Tenks energy attacks at it. With each blast of energy, the cloak went down more, and as the cloak failed entirely, a sufficient hole was blasted in the ship.

Inside the ship, Tenks and Mari finally found stasis tubes holding several people, including Church and Danno. Tenks went off to further explore as Mari freed them. Church gave Mari instructions to work with Danno as he made his way out of the ship, as Danno followed Tenks, whom found a new power core room. This room was dominated by a large metal sphere core, connected to giant wiring in the walls. Evil Danno taunted Tenks, saying he was already defeated, but Tenks proved his courage capable. Evil Danno then emerged before them, pushing Tenks back by Danno's side as they engaged in their brawl.

Engaging Danno and Tenks as his adversaries, and Mari as Danno's weapon, Evil Danno seemed to hold them back for the first part of the brawl; however, as Church reappeared and observed, Danno tuned his soul force with Mari's and managed to share their power together. When he attacked Evil Danno's open energy core, he delt some nasty damage to him before being knocked away. With this in mind, Tenks then focused his energy towards the same wavelengths and used these for his attacks.

Evading most energy attacks and parrying any physical blows, Evil Danno managed to keep himself in fighting shape and deal damage to both Danno and Tenks before their attacks on him started to slow him down. When Evil Danno's energy signatures became low, he started to pull power from the ship's power core to regenerate himself. Seeing this, Church had Danno and Tenks attack Evil Danno while he headed for the core. Evil Danno evaded the attacks however, and grabbed Church with telekinesis once more to prevent his attack. Seeing that Evil Danno was protecting the core, Danno unleashed a devastating soul energy attack with Mari, and Church managed to break out in just enough time to evade as Evil Danno was distracted, and dashed away from the brunt of the attack, but took a serious beating.

Evil Danno then evaded Tenk's augmented Big Tree Cannon attack, which caused a gaping chasm to appear in the floor. Evil Danno then grabbed Tenks with telekinesis, knocked Danno into the hole, and fired an energy blast at church, who evaded so it hit the core. However, this merely powered the core even more; Tenks then broke out and kept engaging in teleporting CQC, which Evil Danno managed to block against until Church grabbed him from behind, as Tenks rapidly used his finer attuned energy attacks, inspired by his passed Father and his other allies and friends, on Evil Danno. Overwhelmed with energy, Evil Danno's armor components were blasted away, and what was left of his energy core floated off nearby, accepting defeat.  Seemingly victorious, Tenks didn't even notice, as Evil Danno put it, "the sacrifice victories come with, or it is a full defeat." Tenks realized Danno was gone, then saw him in the large hole in the floor. Tenks couldn't help Danno as he held onto the ledge, his suit drained of power from the Core's absorption and could only look up as he plunged to a deep fall, Mari going down with him, to the field below.

Tenks then watched Evil Danno vanish, then grabbed Church and escaped the ship as it slowly lowered itself to the ground, lacking anymore power. Evil Danno watched his ship darken to it's dormancy, leaving it there for him to later collect when he gained enough power.

Emergence on ElriosEdit

"Teams dwell on complete reliance on others. Reliance is the trait of Parasites. That is what you all are... Parasites."

After having repaired his vessel once again, Evil Danno set his sights on the rich magical world of Elrios. Conquering this world and its people would provide him with enough power to defeat entire factions alone. With his already strong force once again ready for combat, he set out his destination and prepared for what would be one of his greatest contests of power yet.

Elsword, Raven, Elesis, Aisha, Rena, Eve, and tenks were all one of several hundred people across Elrios to have noticed the energy signature of the approaching force, but only Tenks recognized it due to his past experience. Evil Danno emerged himself on the surface, alone, fighting and defeating Chloe and Rena quickly and easily. Elesis had Aisha take everyone else to a nearby hospital as she stood alone to fight Evil Danno. Over a long course of a duel, Evil Danno eventually emerged victorious, absorbing her essence, but not preventing her from killing her body. However, he easily restored the body, and having complete control over her, sent her against the group as his constructs attacked.

Elesis was then super empowered by Evil Danno, and after used the same dark-turning technique on Aisha, Elesis fought the group with her new dark ally and an army of constructs. Tenks had previously activated a beacon, and this summoned the CMF Flaming Heart, which contained both Church and Z. These two landed via drop pods and fought with the group as Evil Danno used the larger portion of his constructs to invade the rest of Elrios.

Despite their efforts, and managing to relinquish Evil Danno's influence over Aisha and Elesis, the group was forcibly held back by the constructs, and the vast majority of Elrios was taken under control by Evil Danno. Evil Danno then stopped his army, and began to summon his Diamond shaped vessel in a last attempt to further boost his power enough to finally crush the group and take complete control over the world. However, through the combined attacks of Elesis, Tenks, and the CMF Flaming Heart's weapons, the Vessel was completely destroyed and the large cloud partially dissipated. However, Evil Danno was not yet defeated, for his influence spread across the world and he had plenty of energy to live off of. Soon, Evil Danno withdrew, his objective complete in taking over most of the world.

His influence passed on to Mitsubi Jr by unknown means. After Mitsubi managed to injure several of his friends, Evil Danno's influence was ridden by a piece of the El crystal. The essence taunted the group once again and dissipated. Evil Danno remained in control of Elrios.

Elrios DepartureEdit

After two months of dominance over Elrios, using the massive amount of energy he had generated from the realm being turned into his contstructs to increase his power, he left the region for an unknown reason. The inhabitants are still entrapped within his constructs.

It is possible that, due to him no longer being there to concentrate on the constructs, that the link between them is broken, and perhaps the inhabitants of Elrios can be freed.

It begins to concern those that have encountered Evil Danno in the Primeverse that he has remained absolutely unheard of for a long time. The possibility that he could strike again at any moment brings discomfort in the minds of those who know his power.


Evil Danno, being from the Evil-Verse, is a dark character who obviously possesses Evil traits. Like his companions from the Evil-Verse, he has demonstrated malicious intent towards the Prime-Verse characters, and seems to have the idea that he is superior to them. He seems to harbor no regret for the harmful actions he has done, such as conquering small worlds with no regard of the people that live on them, and also seems to take some amount of delight in inflicting mental torture and trauma upon his victims.

He is a silent, evasive character, never revealing any of his true intentions even to the other Evil-Verse characters. Often, he conveys a sense that what others think he's doing is nowhere near what the truth is. Like some villains, it seems he believes what he is doing is the right thing, so much that he has falsified logic and thinking good comes out of doing bad things. This could just be a simple trait of him being from the Evil-Verse.

Despite his actions, Evil Danno claims to have never taken a single life. Though many of his victims have been revealed to be used to power his constructs, the validity of his claim seems false to many, as his heartless actions appear to have taken the lives of some of his victims.

It can be speculated that he has some kind of Master Plan going on, since he has stated he is working towards reshaping the universe into something that has never before been seen. It is possible he has made this since before the Evil-Verse Conflict, though not even the survivors of the Evil-Verse seem to know exactly what his goal is.

Evil Danno takes delight in inflicting pain and suffering upon those that attempt to resist his power. If someone were fighting him and their family was nearby, Evil Danno would simply evade the attacks, and paint the family in his energy signature, threatening them with searing shocks of agonizing pain until his target succumbed to his wishes.

He does not bring any noticable harm to those who do not resist his power. 


Evil Danno 6

Evil Danno

Evil Danno was unique in that he was composed entirely of energy; he was a figure of Green energy wrapped in Jet-Black armor, which took a frightening similarity to Danno's Forerunner armor. This allowed him an uncanny ability to evade almost any physical attack thrown at him, as that if he didn't feel like blocking, parrying, or dodging, he could merely stand there and open portions of his armor up, and let the blows fly through him. This he used several times against Mitsubi and Tenks, who would literally dive through him in their attempts to dash him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Evil Danno possessed several abilities which made him particularly unique among his allies, and dangerous to his foes. These abilities made it difficult for him to be defeated in combat. Below is the list of all the powers he has demonstrated so far. It is possible he has many more which he has kept hidden until the time to use them comes...

  • His body is made entirely out of energy, which allows him some degree of shape alteration and transmission abilities.
  • Using his energy alteration as a form of density control, Evil Danno can slip through crevices and allow malleable strikes to flow through him, such as solids, liquids, or blasts of gases or plasma; whether he can increase his density or not is yet to be determined.
  • Evil Danno's Constructs, "machines" made of a combination of parts of his energy that are semi-independent intelligent allies and shards of jet-black metal floating around them, are a well-known ability of Evil Danno's. He employs these in many different shapes and sizes, often using swarms of them and an occasional strategic use of them. His main form, an armored suit surrounding his energy form, could be considered a constant use of this power.
  • Generating high amounts of power, Evil Danno can cast it from any point on his body via energy beams, balls of energy, a circular or spherical wave, a protective energy shield, bullets, or even as some forms of radiation such as light.
  • Using Telekinesis is one of Evil Danno's most commonly used powers. He can use it as a form of attack, manipulating large, heavy objects easily with his mind, or defensively, maneuvering his armored plates and allowing his enemies to pass through his low-density form.
  • Enhanced vision is among his powers; it can be assumed he can see in some other fields than light, and has night vision and telescopic enhancement. With his vision, he can "paint" targets for use of any of his offensive powers. He can generate intense, agonizing pain upon a painted target in any part of their body, be it a single section of skin, a bone or muscle, organ, or the entire body.
  • Draining opponents of energy with physical contact, be they organic or artificial.
  • Telepathy is another power Evil Danno commonly uses, prefering to cause his enemy to surrender or give up fighting instead of taking them on in actual combat. Even opponents who are trained in mental resistance are swayed by his ability to read their thoughts and project his thoughts into their minds; highly skilled psychics will find they will have to equally contest with his mind influence.
  • Mind Control is a power often overlooked by Evil Danno's adversaries; he has used it on several notable characters, though technically speaking, even his army of energy constructs were created from his mind control ability. He can induce this either with a penetrating glare or with a touch of his hand.
  • Possession is a power not often used, but a useful one. Evil Danno can leave behind his armored form and enter the mind of an opponent, using their talents and skills, as well as instantly gaining any knowledge they have which he could not pry from reading their mind.
  • Resistance against a wide variety of Mind powers grants Evil Danno an additional degree of protection. Though this resistance is often considered slightly above average, it can be used against almost any mental attack, granting him widespread protection instead of absolute immunity against one type of attack.
  • Teleporting is an efficient method of travel as well as using tactical maneuverability against his opponents. In direct combat, this can be used wherever his eyes can see (which is a pretty good distance), and outside of combat it isn't exactly known what his range is, though it includes some locations he can't see.
  • Casting energy in the form of electricity; whether this be shooting a lightning bolt from his hand, inducing a shock upon contact, generating an EMP, or summoning a lightning strike from the sky down onto the battlefield.
  • Generating a Dark Storm, to be used not only as a sign of approach or a cloaking for his army, himself and ship, but can be used as a medium to generate additional lightning.


Evil Danno's armor pieces surrounding his energy form, like his constructs, was made of an unknown metal that was Jet-Black and very resilient. It demonstrated incredible toughness, never denting or showing gashes or cuts from any physical blow or projectile that hit it, and did not warp or melt when subjected to high levels of heat such as energy or plasma attacks. With high-powered blows like explosives, parts of the armor would be broken from his telekinetic hold and would fly off of his energy form, though they would always return to him, undamaged and ready to protect again. This metal was used on his constructs and his vessel as well.


Despite his defeats, those who have fought him were not able to take advantages of any weaknesses during their fights with Evil Danno. He can be slightly disrupted if an energy attack is used on his energy form, though he is able to collect himself quickly and with ease afterward. The only other weakness worth noting was that his power seemed to increase in close proximity to his ship; therefore, the further away from the vessel he was, the weaker he would become. This, however, no longer seems applicable since his ship is destroyed, and he has retained all of his powers and abilities.


Evil Danno's ship was a large, diamond-shaped construct about 40 meters tall from point to point. It was capable of flight in atmosphere, space, and an alternate dimension he uses to teleport the ship. This is the same dimension he uses to teleport himself and his constructs.

The vessel was incredibly hardened against physical projectiles and energy attacks, being constructed of the same Jet-black metal as Evil Danno's armor and constructs. It could fire green energy bolts capable of detonating armored positions, generating a black cloud around itself for concealment, and served as a large power generator for Evil Danno.

The interior of the Vessel was intricate and ornate, as well as vast and complex. It was filled with several stasis tubes which stored the captured essences he took, and transformed their life-force into the energy needed to power his constructs and himself.

Originally, the vessel's core consisted of a pair of Green diamond crystals that generated a dual-phase energy center. This housed the heart of Evil Danno's power, linking him to his ship. It was destroyed when Mitsubi ended up getting caught in it, and empowered it with too much energy for it to handle with stability. When Evil Danno attempted to save it, Mitsubi broke out, and Evil Danno was caught inside, trapped in the power bubble. Ultimately, this is what allowed him to survive his ship's destruction, and since this power bubble remained intact in the alternate dimension despite the physical ship components having faded apart into the dimension, Evil Danno was able to reconstruct the ship.

The second core was in the form of a single large spherical crystal, linked by several energy beams within a solid spherical core, which branched off into the ship by large wiring.

The vessel was destroyed in Evil Danno's campaign on Elrios.

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