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Queen of the Nasod




10,000 years prior to 2574




Nasod Drone






Eve was introverted, talking only if she needs to. While all of her race is gone she looks to Elsword for help and friendship. Eve is not very tough and rarely smiles, though that is slowly changing. She also takes statements and other statements literally. While being intelligent Eve does not understand Humans very well and can be like an infant learning. 

Now shes bonded with most of the team, though half is dead and the other missing. Her fluency in figuring what human nonsense are always spewing has improved but not entirely.

Earlier LifeEdit

Eve was part of the Nasod ruling class. The Nasods and Humans at one point worked together. Under Eve and King Nasod's rule, the Nasods began to lose the El shards power by overuse, starting the Resource Wars with the Humans. Humans won but the El shards had been destroyed by the Nasods. Eve fled from her home and King Nasod became corrupt and attempts to approach him failed. Eve was alone. 


Eve would sometimes train with Elsword and Raven and go places with them. During the Battle of El she was not with the group and went exploring the ruins of Nasod Castle. She and her friends went on various adventures and got in multiple mishaps. While eating cake she and Elsword found a nuke which was later used to barter for cake. This nuke later exploded which caused the two to flee and wounding Eve. She had to have her memory rebooted and repairing her back panels. After some random and destructive adventures she told Elsword that she loved him. Somewhere between doing nothing and saving the world Eve and Elsword went to buy ice cream. She found a stick and bought it which caused the destruction of 97% of Minecraftia. From the blast rose her father King Nasod. Half of the Elrios team defeated King Nasod and Eve found the Battle Seraph Code. 

Its possible that Eve has been a little more unstable with Aisha around. 


  • Elsword - Elsword was Eves first human friend. Elsword is now her boyfriend.
  • Aisha - They have not met. 
  • Chung - Chung views himself as friends with Eve, finding her various learnings of the world amusing, and her interactions with Elsword cute. 
  • Raven - Eve admires him(his arm). 
  • King Nasod - Her father, who had forgotten she existed for a period of time 


  • Cloaking - Eve hides from her enemies, or people in general. 
  • Black Hole Generation - Generates a Black Hole, pulling in enemies and imploding. Her most powerful skill and the most dangerous.
  • Drones - Her Nasod Drones protect Eve. 
  • Dimension Link Blade - Summons a Nasod Blade to slash enemies