Enhanced: A term coined by Talos Drake (and subsequently picked up by the universe at large as a colloquial/slang alternative to any formal scientific title) to describe individuals who possess abilities or traits far beyond the normal scope of their species' naturally occurring capabilities.

"Metahuman" used to be the common term for this matter - however, it failed to consider nonhumans with unusual traits and was largely forgotten.


Enhanced, as they are known today, have been active since the early days of the universe; Their existence being attributed to the various myths and legends from bygone eras across different planets and species. However, it is only in the recent century that enough of their numbers have emerged for any credible studies to be done concerning their origin and history. And while many have claimed to know the reason for their existence, nothing substantial has been found in such claims or insinuations.

One theory gaining ground in the scientific and philosophical communities is that the destruction wrought by the Human-Covenant War, and the energies introduced into the universe by the arrival of the UCR had signaled a change to begin within organic species that would have taken thousands of years to progress if left alone.

Social DisputesEdit


Alma Danielsen, the First Lady of the ADVENT Coalition and a victim of violent prejudice towards Enhanced

For centuries, Enhanced have faced heavy discrimination and in some cases segregation. The admission of Enhancement had a high chance of making one a social pariah. In some areas, Enhanced were relatively well-accepted in society. Elsewhere, they were ostracized and at times even attacked under the backwards assumption of "witchcraft".

Movements have begun that push for abolition of Anti-Enhanced laws and policies, as well as the removal of prejudiced individuals from positions of authority. As one would expect this has sparked countless debates, ranging from a suspected wage gap to the willful ignorance of violence towards Enhanced. Some politicians and military leaders had even gone on record stating that they viewed Enhanced only as assets, which dealt severe blows to their credibility and reputation.


The term 'Enhanced' does not only refer to individuals who have acquired biological variants to differentiate themselves from their original species, but also those who wield fantastical and unstable technologies as well as the practitioners of Skyverse's magic. Because of this addendum, 1.9% of the population in the known universe and the pocket dimension of Skyverse can be safely classified as Enhanced.


Officially, Enhanced are rated from one to thirteen depending on the nature and severity of their abnormalities. Ranking does not factor in training, experience, or 'power' levels as even the lowest rated Enhanced can be on par with a higher tiered enemy with the proper training and utilization of their abilities.

Much like the term itself, Enhanced are unofficially classified using a ranking system based off of playing cards, with the value of the card representing an Enhanced's abilities and the suit being used for the nature of said abilities. This method has been gaining far-spread use, finding it's way to government officials of differing nations.


Symbol Classification Description
Technology Any advanced technology that cannot be mass-produced or acquired by everyday means.
Genetics A sufficient change in the cellular structure whether it be through mutation, a hereditary trait, or exposure to an outside stimuli.
Magic Learned or acquired magical abilities and traits, usually stemming from Skyverse.
Theoretical Changes and abilities that cannot be explained at the current time and does not fit into any of the other categories.


Value Definition Examples
2 The first level of Enhancement, the subject gains an ability or power that transcends the known properties of the user's base species, usually it only works in small doses or is incapable of being controlled willingly. Two of Hearts, Two of Spades.
3 The subject's abilities, while more stable then the previous level's own, still experiences complications and struggles to control their power(s). Three of HeartsThree of Clubs
10 Ten of Hearts
Jack Jack of Hearts, Jack of Clubs
Queen Queen of Clubs
KingPerhaps the most potentially dangerous level of Enhancement due to the capabilities of the subject and the fact that unlike an Ace-level, which is technically stronger, a King-level subject is entirely corporeal and can interact with the world without an issue. King of Spades
Ace The subject has surpassed the capabilities of all other Enhanced, to the point where they are not even entirely grounded in reality as it is understood. Few can handle the control needed for Ace-level abilities, and the very few that can appear to only "piggyback" on reality. Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs

Containment and CountermeasuresEdit

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