(She is a minor character but a important one none the less for a future RP)

Emi is a resident of the Saiyan planet. She is Roku's wife and they have known each other since Roku was 17. They met at a Ramen shop and have been together ever since.




Hair color


Eye Color


Martial Status

Married to Roku


Noodle cook


Saiyan Citizen


Emi was working at a noodle shop when one day Roku walked in before his tournament to eat like he always did. He came in everyday as a ritual before training and before competing and Emi has taken notice before. So this one time she decided to strike up a conversation and after about a hour of talking, Roku leaped up. Realizing he was going to be late, said he suddenly had to go. Emi taking great interest in him and is now off work, wanted to go. During the flight there they talked on and on and it soon led to a relationship, which followed into them bearing a child and becoming married. 

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