Emi is Roku's wife and they have known each other since Roku was 17. They met at a Ramen shop and have been together ever since.




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Married to Roku


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Emi was working at a noodle shop when Roku walked in before his tournament to eat like he always did. He came in everyday as a ritual before training and before competing and Emi has taken notice of him before. So this one time she decided to strike up a conversation and after about a hour of talking, Roku leaped up, losing track of time and seeing he was going to be late, he said he suddenly had to go. Emi taking great interest in him and was about to be off work, wanted to go watch him. During the flight they talked and got to know each other better and they soon started to fall for each other. During Rokus final match, he was about to win the tournament when his opponent got a barrage of lucky hits and greatly wounded Roku. Causing him to be unable to continue. After the fight, Emi took Roku back home and nursed him back to health. That is where their relationship really set off. After that, they started to see each other more and more until they finally married and had a child named Violet.

Rp HistoryEdit


Strength and Fighting potentialEdit

Before Emi married, she worked mainly at a Ramen shop and only fought a few times. She has entered the Cosmic Tournament a few times and managed to get pretty close to the semi finals but she has never won it. She never had a real taste for training or fighting until she married Roku. The combination of Rokus fighting spirit and Violets restlessness has made Emi want to train more to stay ahead of her daughter and attempt to catch up to her husband. She is now a formidable opponent but doesnt put nearly as much time into it as Roku and doesnt fight enough to stay with her daughter. While she isnt the strongest in her family, she is still pretty strong in her own right. She mainly uses her powers to heal Roku after training and heal Violet when ever she gets hurt. Hence where Roku learned how to heal people with his powers. Roku continues to train Emi when ever she isnt busy with work or the house and is making great progress. Fighting after all is how their love started. 

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