Emerith class


Single-ship deployment
Capital Ship
Planetary Defense


3.4 km - 3.6 km

Slipspace drive

Enhanced flake SFTL


  • Forerunner plating
  • Shields


R2 Boglin Vac-S81-DFR


  • 18 CVL
  • 36 CC
  • 4 BB


  • 1,250 Naval crew
  • 12,600 combat personnel
  • 24 Pelican Dropships
  • 53 Longsword Interceptor or Raisers
  • 40 F-3 or Variable Fighters
  • Numerous Ground vehicles

The Emerith-class is a type of multi-role vessel operated by the UNSC Navy. This class of ship serves to perform a command role over small task groups and fleets.

Technology and Combat traitsEdit

At nearly three and a half kilometers and heavily armed, the Emerith class is capable of dealing with any threat presented by opposing threats. It leads the assault, soaks in the damage while also capable of providing escort for larger ships. Emeriths are easily adaptable to different roles from carriers to cruisers and even battleships. In a carrier configuration the Emerith is able to carry around 100 spacecraft though living conditions are rather cramped due to the massive sizes of the Longswords and Raisers stowed aboard. As a cruiser or battleship configuration, the Emerith replaces much of the hanger space with missiles and cannons. One of these in either form carry enough troops and equipment to invade a moderately sized planet on its own.


  • Two Verthandi Cannon
  • Sixty 70mm Point Defense cannons
  • Twenty-five pulse beam lasers
  • Fourteen mass drivers (BB)
  • Eight Heavy plasma cannons
  • Twenty-Six Plasma Torpedo Launchers (CC)
  • Fifty-six oversized Howler missiles (60)
  • Three hundred-thirty-cell Archer missiles
  • Twelve Shivas Missiles 
  • Three Hyperion Missiles (CC/BB)
  • Two cutting beams - Downscaled glassing beam technology for disrupting large capital ships without obliterating them. Originally two standard plasma projectors. (BB)
  • 16 3x 20.3 cm railguns (BB)  


  • Advanced FTL Intercept
  • Spectrometor
  • LIDAR & RADAR sensors

Combat RecordEdit

The Emerith class ships saw their first major combat during the UEG-UCR War where they glassed the colony of Osea and assaulted other worlds. They were recalled to the defense of Sol. Following the wars conclusion, the plasma projectors were downscaled. At least eight of the Emerith class light cruisers were present during Raid on Space Nippon. Kongou was sent to Cineris hours after the raid to negotiate a minor deal concerning trade.

Ships  of the lineEdit

Name Hull Classification Number Laid down Launched
Emerith C-65 July 16, 2574 December 1, 2574
Houshou Special type CV-22 July 16, 2574 March 3, 2575
Ryuuhou C-255 July 16, 2574 March 3, 2575
Kirov C-59 September 28, 2574 December 14, 2574
Hiyou Special Type CV-92 July 16, 2574 March 15, 2575 Zuihou C-103 June 7, 2574 November 22, 2574 Chiyoda Chitose Kai Essex Mumbai New York  May 5, 2574 July 30, 2574 Tribute Tongeren Rhode Island Hiei Haruna Dauntless
Kirishima C-120 January 17, 2575 May 18, 2575
Revenge January 27, 2575 N/A
Kongou January 17, 2575 May 18, 2575
Voi January 17, 2575 May 18, 2575
Aquila CV-166 July 29, 2578 N/A
Texas BB-XX N/A N/A
Wisconson BB-XX N/A N/A


America-class BattleshipEdit

The America class battleship is a class that will consist of 4 modified Emerith's re-purposed to be battleships. Much of the hanger space will be converted to space for more weapons. They will also have stealth capabilities integrated into the ship design.