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Emeraude is a corporation within the JSDF that deals with military supply, including but not limited to AC parts. It is one of the second-generation corporations that succeeded the original corporate groups from the Subterranean Era.

History Edit

After the Joint Exon-UNSC attack on Nippon, the entire population of Wakoku retreated underground and initiated the "Layered" protocol. When problems arose with the procedures here, a great fight broke out until the survivors of the underground conflict escaped back to the ruined surface, which was slowly being repaired and restored by JSDF personnel from other Nippon worlds. From the ashes of one of the older corporations rose Emeraude. Zio Matrix managed to uncover the Murakumo plans, which aided in the restoration of the surface of Nippon. Emeraud attempted to seize control of these plans, which began the rivalry with Zio Matrix.

Being the largest corporation for AC parts in the JSDF, Emeraude finds itself constantly challenged by Zio Matrix. Because of this, Emeraude has engaged in hostility with the more powerful corporation, resulting in a war that is drawing the attention of Nippon administration.

Power Edit

Emeraude 02

A common Emeraude AC build

Emeraude is a significant corporation for the JSDF as far as AC parts and military assets go; they are second only to Zio Matrix despite being larger. They are known for their use of cheap, easy to produce parts, as well as the use of solid projectiles and missile systems. Emeraude has their own private military force, which is restricted by the JSDF for official Nippon uses only. They often hire Ravens for their missions sanctioned by the JSDF.

Trivia Edit

  • There are a total of 98 AC parts manufactured by Emeraude.

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