Ellora is an Artificial Spirit made by Grif. Ellora is unique in the fact that she was not created by a UCR Demigod, with her creation being the first known of a spirit being created by someone else.

Personality Edit

Ellora originally had a playful, childish nature due to her young age, but has since became far more serious and slightly sarcastic, while still retaining a caring and compassionate side, which is seemingly absent from Grif. She also seem's aware of Grif's personality flaws, and makes sarcastic remarks about them at times, but still genuinely cares for her creator. Ellora was originally unaware of many things taken to be common knowledge, such as eating with a spoon and the physical limitations encountered by humans, but began to read Grif's mind while he slept, and now has a full understanding.


Ellora is been able to read the thoughts of people around her and been able to send telepathic messages. She is capable of flying at decent speeds and is capable of phasing through solid matter, such as a ceiling. She is also able of producing a blade which has so far been seen with the ability to fire large crystals of ice.


Ellora became enraged when she found out about all the deaths Yoko was responsible for, and began to fight her, draining Grif as she did so. At first she didn't care until she realized that this would truly kill Grif, at which point she immediately stopped. Unfortunately, the Evil Verse Ellora arrived at this moment and began draining Ellora until defeated by Yoko, Marq, Evo, and Church. At this point, Ellora had lost a significant amount of energy, and Grif had little left as well. As a result, she had no choice but to sacrifice herself and reintegrate herself with Grif to keep him alive.


Yoko saved a fragment of Ellora during the fight with Evil Ellora and Grif revived Ellora after some sparks.