Elia Cardas

Date of Birth

June 11th, 2555

Place of Birth

Obrim, Skyverse


24 Years Old


Aven Hybrid (Clone)


UCR (Nordland)






  • Marq (Genetic Donor, deceased)
  • Seraph (Clone sibling)
  • Gil Cardas (Adoptive Father)
  • Carmiya Cardas (Adoptive Mother)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Light Blue

 Elia Cardas (NDE designation RDC-05-630) is a clone by the New Dawn Empire using genetic samples of the leader of the Adventure Group retrieved by it's operatives. Since 2576, she has been working for S.W.O.R.D as a member of it's Avenger Initiative.




RDC-05-630 was one of ten clones created by the New Dawn Empire in the early years of the New Dawn Conflict in 2555, and was one of two who survived the gestation period. However when the war was nearing it's end, the facility she and her brother were born was raided by a UCR Special Operations force that was sent in to investigate reports of bio-organic weapons being produced by the NDE to use against allied forces, and to destroy the facility along with any examples if reports were confirmed to be true. However when the Spec Ops encountered the clones who were barely a year old at that point, the decision was made to bring the two with them and the facility was destroyed by an air strike after the team was extracted.

RDC-05-630 and her brother RDC-07-812 were adopted by one of the Spec Ops from that mission, who named 05 Elia and 07 Septem.


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