Yorha no 2 type b nier series and nier automata drawn by tsurukame sample-db5bedce85c4cb6c4090c8d1f5e8be2b

Date of Birth

July 28





Hair color


Eye color



  • Goddess of Love (Mother)
  • Unknown father
  • The God of War (Adoptive father)

Love interests




Eir is a demigod, a child of the Goddess of Love. She roams around Hell hunting demons.


Rational, calm and selfless, Eir is unlike most of the Goddess of Love's other children. She feels that she has a responsibility to help those that need it and use her powers for good. While her main method of dealing with things are with a sharp sword, her way with words are equally as effective.


Eir is the child of The Goddess of Love and a human whom she had taken a liking to. While she was not the child of The God of War Eir was treated as one of his own. Her mother raised her and taught her the powers of love in addition to swordsmanship and discipline from War. She left the floating islands for Hell against her mothers wishes to fight the demon spawns of Hell. Occasionally the Goddess sends things to her to try and bring her back.


Since then Eir has been moving between villages that have demon presence to eliminate them. Her actions have caused a lot of demonic beings to go after Eir in an effort to eliminate her so that they may continue their normal acts of destruction.

The Dark Lord wants powerful grandchildrenEdit

One typical day in one of many towns plagued by the terror of hell beasts and their handler came along Eir, who choke slammed a hell pupper, cleaved another in two and almost was killed by the hound owner. She was fortunately saved by a demon seeking redemption. As a demon-hunter Eir obviously would have wanted to kill her savior. Eir avoided confrontation however and listened to what Cysgod had to say. (WIP)

Demonic Invasion in ProgressEdit

In the (formerly) peacefuly city of Metro, Verusa a mysterious ailment befell upon certain citizens. These unfortunate citizens were branded with marks...

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Manipulation: Taught as a child from her mother Eir could easily persuade others into doing as she wishes. She rarely uses it.
  • Super strength: Swings around a giant slab of steel and a smaller sword around at the same time. 


Her demon hunting tools include a unknown amount of blades, primarily a large slab sword and katana. She recently found a companion in a POD combat assistant. Her attire is an oddity but it seemingly provides enough protection against multiple forms of danger.

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