• Scutum-Centaurus Arm
    • Epsilon-Delta System

Known Locations

  • Solis Ortis
  • November City
  • Bana City
  • Apito City

Known Residents

  • Marq (former)
  • Blair (Former)
  • Blade (Former)
  • Rose (Former)
  • Aria (Former)
  • Anthony (Former)
  • Kari (Former)
  • Stacker
  • Rocky
  • AK
  • Amber King
  • Carmen King
  • Sollux
  • Lopez
  • Toka

Orbital Bodies

  • Dexu
  • Aulia
 Eden is a UCR colony world in the Epsilon Delta System. Founded in early 2556, Eden was the first world colonized by the UCR, followed by Wellow and Aurelia.


In the ending months of the New Dawn Conflict, the UCR had millions of displaced Civilians who's homes have been destroyed during the war. With no where else to go for these refugees, the UCR Council have made the decision to colonize several, unhibabited worlds in the Milky Way, the first of which is what is now known as Eden.

The first UCR Colony Convoy transporting the first two million UCR colonists landed on Eden one month before the end of the war.

Eden would shortly become the capital of the UCR in the Milky way, until it was later passed on to Wellow in 2576.

Areas damaged by the Kaiju attacks have been repaired as of 2580.


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