• Scutum-Centaurus Arm
    • Epsilon-Delta System


7.8 Billion

Known Locations

  • Solis Ortis
    • Solis Ortis Forest
  • November City
    • AK's Sushi Shack
    • Stacker's Tavern
    • Madel Commercial District
      • Dolphe Mall
    • Rona Academy
  • Bana City
  • Apito City

Known Residents

Orbital Bodies

  • Dexu
  • Aulia
Eden is a UCR colony world in the Epsilon Delta System. It served as the UCR's capital in the Milky Way since it was first colonized in 2556. However due to events occuring in the 2570s that caused damaged to the planet's settlements, the capital was moved to Wellow while reconstruction efforts were underway. As of 2583 the capital was moved back to Eden.


The planet of Eden (originally named Extra-Dimensional Object #0862 by the NDE) was first discovered by the New Dawn Empire sometime prior to the 2500s and used to house several training and research facilities. Due to it's remote location in the Scutum-Centares arm in the Milky Way Galaxy, the planet and the New Dawn contingent on it remained unknown to the other inhabitants of the galaxy such as the Covenant Empire and UEG.

The planet and those on it wouldn't be discovered until sometime in mid or late 2556, where the planet was discovered via data recovered by UCR agents operating behind enemy lines during the New Dawn Conflict and a UCR fleet was sent to eliminate the New Dawn forces there. After many weeks of fighting for the planet the Battle of EDO-0862 ended with a UCR victory, which was followed by the end of the war two months later. However at that time the UCR was facing a large refugee crisis due to many sky islands being destroyed out right in the fighting. In an attempt to remedy this, the former NDE planet became the new home for 20 million refugees, the first group of UCR colonists in the Primeverse. A large portion of these colonists settled in what is now called the Newfield Sound, where the current capital of the planet, November City, is located.


  • Crescent Horned Nemura: The Crescent Horned Nemura is a large reindeer like mammalian native to the colder and more mountainous regions of the planet. They usually travel in herds numbering from 60 to 150 members.