The EX-Gear is a combat exoskeleton system currently being developed by Kinova Unlimited, a "skunkworks" division of Mortia for the UCR military as a successor for various armor systems currently in use.

EX-Gear Models and VariantsEdit

EX Gear EG-01MEdit

The EX Gear EG-01M is a flight capable light exoskeleton and the first model of the EX-Gear

EX-Gear EG-01M

series developed by Kinova Unlimited in early 2576 as new anti-g equipment for newer model Variable Fighters currently under development and as a multipurpose power suit. Kinova created the EG-01M with the goal of increasing pilot protection and survivability when escaping by improving the interface of a VF or Destroid. The 01M was produced in small numbers for testing and was succeded by the EGP-03/05.

EX Gear EGP-03/05Edit


A team of Commandos utilizing EGP-03/05 EX Gears.

First developed in 2577 and deployed with some groups in the UCR's Milky Way and Andromeda territories for testing purposes, the EGP-03/05 improved in areas where the EG-01M lacked. These improvements include;
  • Installation of an energy shielding system.
  • Armor protection to areas the EG-01M lacked such as;
    • Torso.
    • Upper thighs.
    • Upper arms.
  • Carbon infused armor.
  • DNA Lock.
  • S-11 Mine.
  • Data-Link 20 System.
  • Increased engine power by 20%.
    • Capable of reaching in atmosphere flight speed of 550km/h.
  • ARS Infantry type BLADE System and Augmented reaction mode.
  • Noise reduction via noise damping parts in thruster units, swivel joints, and gliding wheels.
  • Enhanced optical and acoustic sensors.

The EGP-03/05 was produced in limited quantities, and is slated to be succeeded by a more advanced model in the Series II line for standard Infantry and pilot use.

EX-Gear PS/ML-21Edit

The PS/ML-21 is a demilitarized variant of the EG-01M sold in the civilian market for a fraction of the cost of the 05M1 model. Derivatives of the ML-21 are used by construction companies who operate in space, law enforcement and security agencies, and flight schools.

EX Gear Series IIEdit

Research and development of the Series II EX-Gear began after initial limited deployment of the 03/05 in 2577 as a replacement for last generation armor systems currently in use such as the M89 and M98 Powered Armor Systems. Like the EGP-03/05, the Series II features technologies from the ARS, such as an Augmented Reaction Mode, a modified BLADE System, and is also compatible to the EX-Gear system in variable crafts. The EX-Gear also marked a shift for UCR combat armor development, as now  all subtypes can be deployed from and stored inside the modified BLADE system, eliminating the need for traditional armor assembly.

EX-Gear EGP-05/01X - PrototypeEdit

The EGP-05/01 is a batch of 10 suits, all using the ARS body as a base with different components of the Series II suits for research and development purposes for each future variant of the Series II. The EGP-05/01X prototypes was succeeded by the 05/01A production variant and it's subtypes for mainline use.

EX-Gear EGP-05/01A - Production versionEdit

The EGP-05/01A is the mainline production version that first entered limited production sometime in 2580 as a replacement for both the M88 and M89 power armors and as a supplement to the small amount of ARS units currently in use with the UCR. The 01A line is separated in three different variants. Special Forces (EGP-05/01A1-SF) for Spec Ops and Commandos, the scaled down Aviation (EGP-05/01A-AV) and Infantry (EGP-05/01A-INF) variants for pilots and ground troops respectively. Performance wise the Special Forces version are equal to the current ARS Mk.IIs.

EX-Gear EGP-05/02 - Command unitsEdit


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