The EX-Gear is a combat exoskeleton system currently being developed by Kinova Unlimited, a "skunkworks" division of Mortia for the UCR military as a successor for various armor systems currently in use.

EX-Gear Models and VariantsEdit

EX Gear EG-01MEdit

The EX Gear EG-01M is a flight capable light exoskeleton and the first model of the EX-Gear

EX-Gear EG-01M

series developed by Kinova Unlimited in early 2576 as new anti-g equipment for newer model Variable Fighters currently under development and as a multipurpose power suit. Kinova created the EG-01M with the goal of increasing pilot protection and survivability when escaping by improving the interface of a VF or Destroid. The 01M was produced in small numbers for testing and was succeded by the EGP-03/05.

EX Gear EGP-03/05Edit


A team of Commandos utilizing EGP-03/05 EX Gears.

First developed in 2577 and deployed with the  military forces of the UCR's homeland in early 2578 and some groups in the UCR's Milky Way and Andromeda territories for testing purposes, the EGP-03/05 improved in areas where the EG-01M lacked. These improvements include;
  • Installation of an energy shielding system.
  • Armor protection to areas the EG-01M lacked such as;
    • Torso.
    • Upper thighs.
    • Upper arms.
  • Carbon infused armor.
  • DNA Lock.
  • S-11 Mine.
  • Data-Link 20 System.
  • Increased engine power by 20%.
    • Capable of reaching in atmosphere flight speed of 550km/h.
  • ARS Infantry type BLADE System and Augmented reaction mode.
  • Noise reduction via noise damping parts in thruster units, swivel joints, and gliding wheels.
  • Enhanced optical and acoustic sensors.

The production variant, the EGP-03/05M1, is schedueld to be adopted across all services by 2584.

EX-Gear PS/ML-21Edit

The PS/ML-21 is a demilitarized variant of the EG-01M sold in the civilian market for a fraction of the cost of the 05M1 model. Derivatives of the ML-21 are used by construction companies who operate in space, law enforcement and security agencies, and flight schools.

EX Gear Series IIEdit

Research and development of the Series II EX-Gear began after initial limited deployment of the 03/05 in 2577 as a replacement for last generation armor systems currently in use such as the M89 and M98 Powered Armor Systems. Like the EGP-03/05, the Series II features technologies from the ARS, such as an Augmented Reaction Mode, a modified BLADE System, and is also compatible to the EX-Gear system in variable crafts. The Series II suit introduced one new feature to the EX-Gear line of armor, that being that both the armor and under suit can be stored inside and deployed from the modified BLADE system, eliminating the need for traditional armor set up.

EX-Gear EGP-05/01 - PrototypeEdit

The EGP-05/01 is a batch of 10 suits, all using the ARS body as a base with different components of the Series II suits

An example of the EX-Gear EGP-05/01.

for research and development purposes for each future variant of the Series II. The 05/01 batch went through 7 different revisions before resulting in the 05/08 Standard variant. Starting from this batch, all Series II suits can be enhanced with magical properties for the use of individuals who have an affinity with magic. 

EX-Gear EGP-05/08 - StandardEdit



A custom EX-Gear EGP-05/08 unit.

EX-Gear EGP-05/08E - EsperEdit


EX-Gear EGP-05/08G-A1 - AdvanceEdit



The EX-Gear EGP-05/08G-A1 in Aquila Guard colors.

EX-Gear EGP-06/01 - CommanderEdit

The EGP-06/01 Commander is an advanced development of the 05/08 type designed for the use of experienced fighters. The 06/01 suits are equipped with two modified BLADE systems in each wrists, capable of any configuration that the user requests than the standard three, a down scaled version of the Pin-Point/Full Barrier system and a more efficient power source. Due it's extreme high cost, the 06/01 is produced in limited numbers.

EX-Gear EGP-06/01A2 Aethon Type-2Edit

A variant of the 06/01, the Aethon Type-2 is a customized suit created for the use of Khoan Cryole as a replacement of his old Aethon Armor. The Type-2 shares a resemblance to the original Aethon armor, mainly in the helmet. At the request of it's user, the energy shielding system was removed. 

Father Knight

The EGP-06/01A2 Aethon Type-2 used by Khoan Cryole.

EX-Gear EGP-06/01A3 Aethon Type-3Edit

The Aethon Type-3 is a version of the Type-2 used by Marik Cryole, the brother of Khoan Cryole. Like the Type-2, the 06/01A3 has the energy shielding system removed. Both Aethon armors utilize magical materials.

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