"Shtrafbat" BattalionsEdit

Exons largest and most controversial part of their armed forces consist of physically capable prisioners from the Exon IV gulags who are serving for major offenses against the state or dispicable crimes such as murder, rape, treason, or domestic violence. The portions of these battalions consist of brutes, humans, and Sangheili that are given their chance to fight for a second chance (not on Exon of course) at life. 

Low life expectancyEdit

Although outragously equipped to take on countless enemies their life expectancy is extremely low due to usually moving with the droid legions of Exon and taking on extremely dangerous assignments such as xenomorph containment and more commonly battling zerg.

Human Equipment Edit

CMC Powered Combat Suit - the massive armor that outweighs and powers even spartans but if taken enough damage tends to explode.

C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle - Fire 8 mm hypersonic AP spikes that are known to penetrate 2 inches of steel plating and firing at 30 rps this weapon requires the suit to fire without losing an arm.

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