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HVAA Mk. II firing its twin 152 mm guns at air targets.

Swatting Flies Edit

The HVAA or known simply as the MK. II, is a multi-role artillery system designed for rear lines long ranged artillery and for Anti-Air. First blueprints at Armiger, Sangheilios were drawn up before the Exon Civil War, but were at first denied due to the cost of just the targeting systems and the long barreled guns. The 152 mm rapid fire guns are manufactured seperatly along with the state of the art targetting systems allowing it even to (given enough distance) to track air targets as fast as the Venom stealth fighter.

Ear Protection RecommendedEdit

The high penetration guns and ammunition have been rumored to even be able to damage ship grade armor (meaning the guns can also be used as anti-tank given the situation). Expensive saftey equipment is given so the gun

Targetting SystemsEdit

Utilizing reverse engineered and improved upon Covenant technology the targetting systems made by armiger allows the guns to put a hyper velocity round on targets up to 7 km down range. The targetting systems take under a second to fully lock onto a target, determine its speed and trajectory, and choose a round for the job before sending rounds down range to take care of the job.


Extreme hard hitting rounds and great targetting system means knocking any aircraft or mech out of the sky is easy given the long range it needs.


Can ONLY be used at ranges of over a KM. The guns are truck mounted and don't have 360 degrees of firing

Cost. The extreme cost means seeing these in greater numbers then 3 is extremely rare given on a since front.

The rate of fire means burning through the company's ammunition is extremely common and the ammunition is very expensive, keeping these AA guns fed is a hassle.

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