Era pilot

An Exon Pilot.

Exon Red Army Air Force Edit

Founded back in 2557 after Exon's fully declared independance to combat the UNSC in the air, the Exon Red Army AirForce is a decently trained branch of the Exon Red Army. While excelling in numbers the Exon Airforce is a major supporter of energy fighting using gravity on their side. While at inter-planetary battle the ERAAF does equally well in space, unparralled in numbers utilizing both the droid legion, older but still advanced Covenant ships, and their own ships the ERAAF rules the skies in terms of numbers.

Training/Exerience Edit

While lacking a sufficent number of Sangheili pilots the ERAAF is made up of mostly humans and the droid legion. The Exon training programs focus around large ammount of fly time with veteran pilots and the normal training along with raids against Venezian rebels who usually have less then banshees or a large ammount of z-95s. While focusing mostly around expierience in the field the ERAAF likes to teach its cadets ground strike and/or anti-ship weaponry as well as dogfighting manuevers. It takes nearly 5 years to become a pilot ready for sorties (due to Exon not having access to any kind of accelerated learning technology, schooling and education is done the old fashion way), 3 for desk learning 2 for actual live fire drills and patrol.

Mechanics Edit

Exon repair/refit is some of the greatest around with the speed and quality needed to get its ships back into the sky as fast as possible. Most experience once again comes from the ever on going rebellion on Venezia and the Aqua homeworld.

Ships/Fighters Edit

Type-31 Exoatmospheric Multi-Role Figher (Seraph) - Largest Ammount of actually piloted aircraft. The newer Versions take one to pilot and another to work the 360 degree turrets enabling them to keep their manueverabilty in dogfights while still firing. The Pilot also has a great ammount of forward fire power. Exon's fighters are made distinct due to being black with red markings instead of purple.

MiG-74(2) Venom Stealth Fighter - One of the more deadly yet expensive options has to offer. Works better for when utilizing the atmosphere, can tear through and fly away from any target using energy fighting tactics.

Type-27 Exoatmospheric XMF (Banshee) - Used as basic patrol crafts, usually given to kig-yar pilots serving under Exon.

Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid Mk. 1 (Vulture Droids)


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