Base Durendal

Basic Durendal Design

Durendal Power Armor is the CMF's unique power armor system used by its leader.

Developement HistoryEdit

Durendal Power Armor is the result of the meticulous upgrading of Church's UNSC MJOLNIR MK.VI armor to keep up with ever evolving technological standards. Eventually, it became clear that modifying a near-obsolete suit would get him nowhere, so a new type of Augmented-soldier suit was designed; the Durendal "Ultra High-Grade" Power Armor takes all the previous modifications, and incorperates them into an up-to-date suit, which is much more efficient than adding various technology modules to an obsolete suit.

Armor Design / EquipmentEdit

  • CMF "Durendal" Ultra High-Grade Power Armor
    • Multi-Layered Armor
      • 2-4 Inches Carbon Fiber coated Carbon Nanotubes
      • Additional Titanium-A Plating for Vital Areas
    • Fully Retractable Omni-Purpose Helmet
      • "Frostbite" Class Personal Smart A.I.
    • Forerunner Hardlight Projection Unit
      • Primarily Used for Shielding (Can also form A.I. Avatars)
      • Variable Projection allows different uses for any situation
    • Jetpack/Thrustpack Propulsion System
      • Strategically placed EVA Thrusters throughout Armor
    • Integrated  Forerunner Weaponry (stored in segments along arm and shoulderblade armor)
      • High-Powered Light Rifle (Right Arm/Shoulderblade)
      • Hard Light Sword (Left Arm/Shoulderblade)
    • Gauntlet Mounted Equipment
      • High-Spec Personal TACPAD (Right Gauntlet)
      • Close Quarters Weaponry (Both Gauntlets)
        • Energy Daggers (Above Wrists)
        • Hidden Blades (Below Wrists)
      • Neural-Implant Linked Telekinesis Module (Right Gauntlet)
      • Stasis-Magic Projection Units (Left Gauntlet)
        • Stored Charge of Condensed Stasis Magic; limited uses per Charge

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