Dr Alfred Moore
Oldtrenchy steampunk 02


October 19th, 1789








ONI Inventor

Country of Origin

England, London

 Doctor Alfred Moore is a character in the Steampunk universe and is a lead inventor at ONI


At age 27 Alfred joined ONI as a inventor, he created marvelous machines but when he was 31 Alfred was in a terrible accident. One of his inventions exploded and almost killed him, luckily for him Catherine Halsey managed to "fix" him by replacing his left arm with a clock work one and encasing his head in a mask which keeps him alive. Now age 43 Alfred is working on his newest invention, code named "Songbird ". 

Recently Doctor Moore has been sending teams to abduct children to use in his current experiment. All of the children usually die but now one has survived a girl called Rose Ardlen. When Rose and his newest experiment (Songbird) tried to escape Dr Moore stopped them by using the "whistler" a device that plays a tune that can control Songbird.

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