Dmitry Alekseevich

Date of Birth

October 18, 2537


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  • ADK-74



Born on Exon II and grew up in a typical Exon household. His father was lucky enough to draw the correct lot and was able to get his son Dmitry into Exon's New Moscow University. He would be conscripted into military service, seeing combat against the UNSC in the Exon wars to secure sovereignty and in conflicts on Venezia and other enemies of Exon. Dmitry was accepted into Exon Intelligence services in 2564.

Miridem Airport MassacreEdit

Think of Modern Warfare 2.

University of Cineris SiegeEdit

One spring day on Cineris University Campus, the regular deliveries were being made to the school. But instead of regular delivieries, out came four (five?) men in hazmat suits. They blew up the truck filled with deadly chemical gas and started indiscriminately murdering people. They all hole'd up around the campus with reinforcements to come. Dmitry and gang took the local SWAT by surprise and wiped out the city's immediate response. When it came time for the National Guard they too stood no match for the training of elite Exon forces. With demands of important CMF drive secrets granted after hours of slaughter, the terrorists were satisfied. Dmitry however not content with waiting around made his most questionable action of all and did something really, really heinous. Once the data was acquired, the four (five?) fled leaving their lackeys behind. They rushed the Cineris senate building and took hostages and started bombing parts of the city with chemical weapons. Repelling multiple assaults including a fully armed UCR special forces team they were granted transport to leave. Dmirty took a UCR person to have some fun before leaving them for dead. When the transport came the four terrorists ran away with their prize and humiliated two powers with a parade of slaughter.

Since then his whereabouts are unknown with none of the main perpetrators having been caught.


For the love of Ami don't let this guy near anyone.