Reality warping


Lesser god, Draconequus (form)

 Discord, also know as the God of Chaos is a UCR lesser god who represents and causes chaos across universes.

Personality Edit

Discord is a mischievous, manipulative trickster who effortlessly pulls pranks on his targets through the use of powerful magic, illusions and hypnotism with little to no consideration to his victims. He has a sense of showmanship and drama, preferring to be playful towards his victims before getting down to business. He laughs and amuses himself with his magical chaos, mostly at the cost of others and generally causes ridiculous things to happen.


Due to his nature Discord has been almost entirely banned from using his powers in Skyverse, other than on a small set of islands under his control. He instead will travel various universe, causing destruction and ruining lives with mischievous means.

Discord had a brief run in with a few members of the Adventure Group where he tricked EvoDanno-048 and Vile into playing a game. Ultimately he was beaten by Evo reflecting his magic back at him turning him into a child. After a few weeks he managed to change himself back and left the group instead of seeking revenge.


Discord is able to warp reality on a fundamental level, changing the physical properties of the world around him and altering natural laws almost beyond recognition. As his power is chaos, he does not seem to have an easily determinable limit to what he can alter, though he was shown to have a limited range as he was unable to alter several places at once.

Discord is shown to be skilled in performing magic and manipulating the minds of other creatures and people, twisting their personality or behaviour in any way that amuses him. he does so by confronting them with a trial that makes them question themselves. However, he is not above resorting to twisting their minds directly. He can also change his physical appearance and size with relative ease.