Dima fighting during a Storm Covenant uprising.

Colonel "Dima" Edit

After the dissolution of the Exon empire and their annexation into the UCR and UNSC Dima was accepted into the famed UNSC Orbital Drop Storm Troopers. When he was in the Exon Spetsnaz Dimitri was nick named "Dima" which stuck. He is possibly one of the greatest snipers that ever lived and is a great combat leader. At age 47 he is still a hell of a fighter.

Combat Effectivness Edit

He gained the greatest training possible in the Exon Red Guards. He is effective in all kinds of combat as well being trained in covenant, UNSC, Exon, UCR, and forerunner weapons. He can easily addapt to any situation as well as being well trained in all ranges of combat. 

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