Diana Malkova
Crimson Dynamo Galina Nemirovsky 01


The Crimson Dynamo

Hair Colour


Eye Colour



5'7" (7'2" in armour)




Exon Red Army (Formally)
The Winter Guard

Machines Piloted

Hammer and Sickle Mechs
Crimson Dynamo Armour

Diana Malkova is a former pilot in the Exon Red Army and a current member of the newly formed Winter Guard.

History Edit

Diana Malkova is the sister of Sasha Malkova, a famous Red Army Special Operative, and has created quite the name for herself in the Red Army Mecha Division utilizing the Hammer and Sickle mechs to obtain several kills before being discharged for striking a supierior officer. She was selected for the Winter Guard in light of the USSR seeing the Avengers for the first time (and naturally the USSR wanted to top them) and to pilot a full mech suit now nicknamed the Crimson Dynamo.

Crimson Dynamo Armour Edit

1371184-ultra dynamo

Diana and the Crimson Dynamo Armour.

The Crimson Dynamo Armour was designed and created by Armiger Munitions Corporation after being commissioned for the Winter Guard Program. The suit itself is made out of a carborundum matrix alloy that is capable of taking tank shells head on as well as being able to survive high altitudes.

The suits systems are powered by an electrical generator housed in its chest. The suits gauntlets are able to directly use energy from the generator, allowing them to admit electrical discharges. The gauntlets are also equipped with small cannons that are capable of firing control blasts of electricity at a target. Finally, the suit is able to fly using thrusters installed in its feet and back plating.