Destoroyah is a bio engineered monster created by Veria Uarin. It possibly was once a small species of crustaceans that Veria experimented with, using Micro-Oxygen. However, she couldn't have predicted that instead of killing the creatures, the Micro-Oxygen instead mutated their biological structure. They began to grow drastically, and also gathered together to make larger versions of themselves. They began swarming all over the inside of the Black Knight, then found their way out and gathered together to form one single, giant flying form, with which it used to escape. It was not seen again for ages until it reappeared years later.

The creature appeared once again in Primeverse, oddly it was back to its original stage. It attacked the space colony of Mako and destroyed an entire arm of the port. During the attack the creature formed two large creatures, one flying, one on the ground. After awhile the creatures fused into its final form. It then destroyed an Islandclass ship and the Jaeger, Horizon Brave. After a long attack the creature started taking heavy fire from the CMF Galahad, the UNSC Titan and Ditto, it was frozen by the ships and then captured by the UNSC, who managed to restore it to its original form. It is unknown what happened to the creature after this as all files and information of the creature was redacted from the UNSC database.



Length: 30 centimetres

Mass: 15 kilograms


  • Able to dissolve victims with micro-oxygen
  • Weak against freezing temperatures
  • Can combine with others of the same species to form Juvenile Destoroyahs 


Height: 2 meters

Length: 4 meters


  • Can fire micro-oxygen bursts
  • Weak against freezing temperatures
  • Can combine with others of the same species to form Aggregate/Flying Destoroyah


Length: 40 meters

Wingspan: 30 meters

Mass: 8,000 metric tons


  • Can discharge micro-oxygen beams
  • Flight speed at 100 miles per hour
  • Weak against freezing temperatures
  • Can combine with Aggregate Destoroyah to form Final Destoroyah


Height: 50 meters

Mass:  9,00 metric tons


  • Can fire micro-oxygen bursts
  • Mantis-claws can shred steel
  • Weak against freezing temperatures
  • Can combine with Flying Destoroyah to form Final Destoroyah

Final DestoroyahEdit

Height: 100 meters

Mass: 60,000 metric tons


  • Able to combine and seperate into many dozens of smaller forms, but mass always remains the same (unless it consumes more micro-oxygen)
  • Can fire Oxygen Destroyer Beam from mouth/cannons
  • Uses massive "Horn Katana/Laser Horn" to slice through almost any known matter
  • Chest armour can open, after charging enough energy, and fire the "Wave Motion Ray".
  • Resistant to ALL conventional weapons
  • Weak against freezing compounds, renders cells inert

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