A leaked microscopic image of the Organism's DNA structure

Deoxys is something that the Space Science Industry hopes to create in order to increase successful research in the study of Genetics. The main Purpose of the project is to see what Extraterrestrial Genetic substances can do to the Human body.... of course, there are no experiments in which a person's actual body is used.

The origins of the Genetic substance obtained are unkown.... the only thing we know about it is that it came from Deep Space, accidentally discovered on the Moon, quoted to be "Originating from outside our Galaxy."

The Project has entered the stage in which successful growths that have bonded to certain Animal Genes are being used to merge with samples of Human DNA, several of which have a disease of some kind in them... previous tests on the alien substance show that whatever it is, it is capable of reconstructing itself and rearranging it's Genetic structure to adapt to the surrounding environment. Special care is taken in the experiments because of the extreme shortage f the amount of the alien substance obtained; There is only enough alien substance to reconstruct a few strands of Genetic information that only associate with Data equivilant to what decides Human Eye color.