SpeciesHuman, Spartan-III
AliasesDenter and Delta (is the name she asks to be called)
FamilyThe team is her family
WeaponsM292 DMR, M319 Individaul Grenade Launcher.
Hair colorRed
Eye colorGreen

"Denter-A044 is a first class scout, she knows just where to be to give the team good info." - Robert-A037 about Denter-A044's scouting skills.

Denter-A044 born Denter Runo is a Spartan-III of Alpha Comapany, she was killed during the Fall of Reach but whith the launch of Project: Rebirth she's back, along with a few fellow Spartans form the team. She is loyal to ONI and the UNSC, like Robert-A037 she will put a bullet in her head before she betrays Humanity.

Role in RPEdit

Denter at this point in time is in shock from knowing the fact she's died, she does remember some people but with some she's not sure if she knows them or not, she has a A.I. called Blue Eyes which was made to help her get though what she's going though, though by the time Gen 2 started oddly she still needs him to help her.


Denter has a good bond with the team, she is the teams Scout

  • Robert-A037 - Was the teams commander, she trusted him with her life.
  • Alice-A288 - Alice and Denter get along very well. Both where brought back in Project: Rebirth.
  • Rex-A048 - Rex and Denter get along at times but not always, Rex is the only member of the team who hasn't been killed.
  • Linda-A179 - Linda and Denter get along well. Was also brought back in Project: Rebirth.

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