Demon Weapons
Soul Eater Evans Halfway Transform
An example of a weapon meister and their demon weapon.

Body Type


Average Life Span

80 - 100 years +



Demon Weapons, also known as Death Weapons or simply, weapons, are a race of people with the ability to transform into weapons. Demon Weapons allowed humans to access the power of the soul for the first time, and with this, opened up the door for a whole new branch of magic that was then unknown to the people of Skyverse.



The first set of demons weapons were created 45,000 years ago in a collaboration between the God of Wisdom, Eibon and The God of War. The two sought to even the odds between humans the more magically inclined species of Altria during the strife which was the Moribund War.

Eibon was originally inspired by the Holy Sword, Excalibur upon meeting him the first time during its time as a member of the Six Heroes. 33,000 years later, at the brink of the Moribund War, Eibon knew that the humans he was so fond off would need assistance, as compared to the other species of the realm, they were the least magically inclined (save for a small hand full). Fearing that the humans would be destroyed as a result of the war, Eibon sought to give them a upper hand and thus started work on the first set of Demon Weapons.

With the aide of The God of War, who Eibon needed for his expertise in the art of weaponry, the first set of Demon Weapons were created. Though the process by which this was done is unknown and lost to time, it is said that the two gods fused small fragments of their souls with that of humans, ones which died and suffered on the battlefield and from this fusion came the first Demon Weapons.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

See Souls for more information in the mean time

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