Team metal during the aqua invasion

Callsign: MetalEdit

Exon's best Ghosts. These Exon ghosts haved earned the title of Delta (highest company possibility among the ghosts) through either previous 1st death experience or "post life" experience. Usually since this requires finesse its rare seeing Sangheili in Delta, especially Metal. Callsign metal dates back all the way to the 21st century. 


Nicknames are more commonly used so actual names are usually unheard of, most former members even admit not knowing their comrade's names. 


  • Shadow Company - Never met in combat but metal "can't wait"
  • Venezian Shadow Teams


Sergei Korobov was attached to metal for "loud missions" for when things don't go as planned. 

Recent HistoryEdit

Battle of Earth - Shield defense facilites were taken down and destroyed.

Battle of Eden - Engagment of key personel

Exon Wars - First combat vs UNSC and UCR

Venezian Tiberium Wars - Killing of the innsurectionist generals

Aqua Wars - Key personel and surveilance

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