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Artificial Intelligence Unit 49-E-A (73-14-10), referred to as Decem for conversational purposes, is the most recent result of Project Vision and is currently operating on the Daedalus. He was recently installed to test his performance and aptitude as a mission consultant, as the unusual circumstances the ship frequently engages allow for more useful results than traditional laboratory simulations.


Decem has personality and emotional traits installed directly to his communication processes. This allows for personable interactions and improved communication with biological life without compromising his logic and decision making abilities. Due to this, Decem is not considered sentient.

Decem's personality is generally energetic and curious, eager for adventure and exploration. He also displays egotism at times, though this is non-problematic due to the isolation of decision making processes.


Decem operates from a small portable device, designed to interface with most known systems. Once "plugged in", Decem then uses the system to operate by having it process encrypted data, while remaining physically on his storage unit. Therefore, his operational speed is determined by whatever he is operating from. His storage unit contains all of Decem's data, and operates Decem himself, ensuring that he is not "stolen" or adversely effected by foreign systems. Thus, if the system suffers a failure, or Decem is removed unexpectedly, he is not damaged nor does he lose any recollection of events. Without an external system to operate, Decem is unable to communicate, and all non-standard processes are either paused or run at a much slower pace. While he is able to archive himself on approved systems, he will not run on a system other than an activated 8E-12 storage unit, a safety measure implemented to remove the risk created from archive copies being potentially stolen. Decem also has access to a self-termination feature, causing his data to be destroyed and his unit unusable.


Decem is currently the only operating AI of the 49-E series. All prior units of the 49-E series were archived and deactivated. As per standard procedure due to past morality concerns, only one instance of Decem is currently active, archival copies in the laboratories are not currently in use. While Decem himself can integrate data from other instances of himself, the diagnostic tools used to monitor AI do not function properly after this occurs.

The framework for Unit 49-F-1, a potential future version of Decem, has already been completed. Should analysis determine that Decem should be made sentient, he will be transferred to a 90-3 storage unit and patched to this new designation. While this is atypical, Decem is more stable than anticipated, and compilation of a completely new AI is not guaranteed to duplicate this.

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