Death the Kid commonly called "Kid" is a miester of DWMA. His weapons are Liz and Pattie, he was created from a soul fragment of Lord Death

Death the Kid
Death the Kid






Liz and Pattie (weapon forms)


Kid is dressed in black business suit to show his status. He has yellow eyes and black hair with 3 white lines on his bangs. He also has a slender build and somewhat tall.

Place in RPEdit

Kid is Liz's miester so by extention he is part of the RP because he can mostly be found in conjunction with Liz. He is first found walking down a hallway with Liz and Pattie. When Tenks walked up to talk to Liz, Kid found interest in Tenks sword, he named a "elegant blade" until he saw a scratch which made it unsymmetrical after which he threw the blade. Angring Tenks but Tenks kept his cool so he didnt make a scene. The next day Tenks helped Kid with a very strong Kishin (mostly to further win Liz's heart). After which Kid started to respect Tenks more. 


Liz: 1 of his weapons.

Pattie: His other weapon.

Tenks:Doesnt hate him, but considers him a allie/friend.

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