Birth date April 2, 2511 <Gen 1: 47; Gen 2: 62>
Death dateNA
SpeciesHuman-Forerunner Hybrid
AliasesDan, Danny, Danno, Danthrall
PowersEnhanced Physical attributes; summoning of weaponry and constructs of Forerunner origin; Can manipulate machinery/electronics from a distance; Telekinesis; Super-heating of body segments or the entirety; Accelerated Regeneration
FamilyNever knew, classified; Gene-Seed of the Didact
Love InterestsMari (Formerly, Currently Revived)

Yuno Gasai (Formerly, Deceased)

WeaponsBoltshot; Suppressor; Light Rifle; Binary Rifle; Scattershot; Incinerator Cannon; Pulse Grenade; Hardlight Blade; Promethean army; Cryptum; Himself; Yuno (Though he would never consider her to be a mere weapon, object, or possession)
Hair colorBrown <Human>

Black <Forerunner>

Eye color<Human> Blue

<Forerunner> Bright/Light Blue

<Forerunner Promethean> Orange


"'You will know never to cross me again.... or your doom will be swift.'" 





"When there is no more war, when Humanity no longer is in danger.... I'll finally rest in peace."

Danno in an interview of his career

Danno unmasked 4


  Danthrall (Former designation Danno-048) is a Former Human-turned-Forerunner. Once a Spartan-II of the UNSCDF, he discovered a way to alter himself into a Forerunner Warrior-Servant. After undergoing a mutation where he replicated the Didact, Danno was from then on regarded as the only living Forerunner in the Galaxy.

Chief Petty Officer Danno-048 was a SPARTAN-II Commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He was known for using almost every piece of UNSC equipment, ranging from standard Marine/Army Trooper combat suits, to OSDST armor and drop pods, to the SPI Armor utilized by the Spartan-III's, and most notably the HAYABUSA Armor system. He was also well known for being one of the top ten Spartans (of any category) in experience and usage of Covenant technology, and the most skilled in Forerunner. However, encounters with the parasitic organism known as the Flood have provided light evidence that his phsycology was perhaps affected by encounters with the biological terror.


Childhood and trainingEdit

Danno was born on April 2, 2511 on the UNSC colony world Emerald Cove. Growing up, he was an average kid, going to school and having lots of fun with friends. However, at the age of six he was kidnapped by agents from the Office of Naval Intelligence to be inducted into the Spartan-II program, having been one of 75 children selected. He was replaced with a flash clone, who died sometime after the abduction.

Belonging now to the Naval Special Warfare Group under watch by ONI, Danno and the other children were made into the next generation of Super Soldiers for the UNSC. Their initial goal was to help quell the ongoing Insurrection, and were trained by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. The training was tough and debilitating, but over time the children learned and rose through the program to become fine combatants despite their young age.

Danno was a lonely child during his training, preferring to be away from others as often as possible. This did not fit well with the program, which had all the Spartans often placed all together for most of their entire training. Danno would try to find any chance he could to separate himself from the others for just a short time to be one with himself. This was due to him having lost all of his original friends, his former innocent life behind him and unable to return; therefore, he decided he was more comfortable alone.

The other Spartans realized this, and tried their best to make him feel at home. In particular, John-117, who became their leader, tried to balance giving him some time alone and integrating him into teamwork and treating him like family. Over time, this rubbed off on Danno, who eventually adjusted and grew closer to the others.

During the augmentation procedures, only 33 Spartans survived and were fit for further duty; Danno was one of the ones fortunate to not lose his life, but was crippled and could not serve in combat. He was expected to be inducted into the Office of Naval Intelligence. However, due to Dr. Halsey's attempt to rehabilitate some of the lost Spartans, Danno was one of the ones to recover and return to active duty with the others in just a few years. Danno-048's first engagement with the Covenant was during the Battle of Jericho VII. Here, he and his team executed a force of over a thousand grunts. The Battle of Sigma Octanus IV saw him as a member of SPARTAN Red Team, helping evacuate civilians in the city of Cote d'Azure. Danno accompanied another Spartan-II to help UNSC forces fight against the Covenant during their attack on Coral.


A Possible image of Danno on Reach, suggesting he was operating around Reach's Poles

Fall of ReachEdit

On the brink of defeat, the UNSC came up with a plan to capture a Covenant leader and force a truce between the Covenant and humanity. The remaining Spartan-IIs were to be used during this mission, and preparations were made at the fortress of Reach. The plan was nearly finalized, and dubbed Operation: RED FLAG. During this operation, Danno-048 would wait aboard the refitted UNSC Pillar of Autumn while it disabled a Covenant ship; then he and the other Spartans would board the Covenant ship and take it over, infiltrating Covenant space, capture one of their Prophets and return to UNSC territory. There, the UNSC would hold the leader captive until the Covenant would lay off their war and be forced to a period of peace.

Before this operation took place, the Covenant made a massive assault on the planet Reach, having found it via a tracker placed on the UNSC Iroquois after the battle of Sigma Octanus IV. Danno-048 was put on Spartan Red Team, to go to the surface and help defend military complexes which housed generators for the Orbital Defense Platforms.

However, on their way to the surface the Spartan's Pelican took serious hits from Covenant fighter craft. The Spartans were forced to bail, and Danno was one of several that got separated in freefall. Danno eventually found a small group of Spartans after wandering and dealing with a few Jackal scouts. These Spartans made up one of four teams organized by Fred-104, and Danno went with them to take Warthogs to CASTLE Base. On the way to CASTLE, they were assaulted by a Covenant ground force; they spread out to avoid mortar fire, with Danno's vehicle turning over from a close shot. Soon after, he was pummeled with Jackal sniper fire, overloading his shielding and preventing him from following his team.

Danno dual wield

Spartan-048 showing off his impressive Dual-wield abilities

Danno managed to make it to a fireteam of UNSC Army soldiers, however; he assisted them in ambushing the Wraiths from the ground force that separated him from the Spartans, where they hijacked 4 of the Wraiths. After destroying the ground force, they tried to follow the way to CASTLE, but were unable to clear the path of Covenant units due to close calls by UNSC Air strikes and Covenant artillery. Finding some ODSTs pinned down by a downed Covenant Spirit Dropship, Danno helped in the restoration of its systems, holding off waves of Covenant infantry and vehicles until the dropship was able to take off.

As a nearby Covenant Assault Carrier was obliterated by a nuke set off by Spartan Joshua-029, the trooper's celebration, and Danno's next attempt to get to CASTLE, was cut short as other Covenant vessels immediately began glassing the area. With no other choice, Danno used the confusion of the Covenant Battlenet to their advantage and boarded a Covenant Frigate. His best plan was to hide aboard the ship and survive the glassing, and try to use the ship to return home and report the loss of Reach.

They evaded detection for the remaining duration that the vessel remained to glass Reach; as they discovered the Ship was entering the planet's orbit, they started to operate stealthily to overtake it. Upon learning of intruders, The Ship Master decided to move the frigate into another system, where they could handle the boarders without hinderance and fear of being fired upon, and if need be, self-destruct the ship to prevent the Spartan from using it. However, the fireteam managed to break the necessary remote connection for self destruction, thus saving the ship from bridge detonation. Half the team went to Engineering to prevent a manual detonation while the other half, including Spartan-048, continued to press towards the bridge. On the way, Danno's force encountered a hangar and armory, allowing them access to plenty of weapons and equipment they could use to assault the bridge. After a 7-minute long engagement with the corridor guards the rest of the way to the bridge, the team finally breached the doors to the command room. Upon enterance, Spartan-048's shields managed to get back online, and he fought with 40% more efficiency, engaging the pair of Hunters with his team, and finally forcing the command out of the Bridge.

However, the Ship master had already put the ship on a landing course to the surface of an undiscovered planet Flourishing with life and having a near-Earth atmosphere. It was here that the team finally went back to the Hangar to take a Spirit dropship and escape before the covenant killed them off, as they were already worn down; the other team was executed before they got to the bridge, as the Ship master suspected they'd all go there to keep the ship from self-destructing.

The team, comprised of Spartan-048, 2 ODST's, and 3 Marines, used the Dropship as their place of residence, evading the Covenant for the next three days. They managed to use Guerilla tactics and capture small scout teams' weapons and equipment, in some cases vehicles, scout teams sent out to find and exterminate them. Eventually, they had enough equipment to take a small Covenant outpost deployed on the surface, and with this, began to take more territory, little by little. They continued to irritate the Covenant presence for the next week.

However, their ultimate goal was to retake the covenant vessel and somehow link back up with the UNSC. After intercepting a Covenant communications channel, they discovered the Covenant leadership wanted the ship for other uses (Particularly, it was one of the ships assigned to the fleet operating with the Unyielding Hyrophant), and the Covenant force there had five days to eliminate the Spartan's team and finish the job of exterminating all remaining Demons; if they could not do this, they had to leave them on the planet and link up with Covenant forces. Additional interceptions revealed why the ship remained on the surface; the battle in the engine room damaged the critical systems enough to force them to put down the ship for repairs; coincidentally, the repair would take five days before they could lift off.

With only Five days left before they were stranded, the team decided to pull out all the stops and get to the Vessel as soon as possible. They managed to get to it in 3 days, but had to spend another whole day simply breaking through the Gravity lift defense. Eventually, with only Two Marines at his side, Danno-048 boarded the vessel once more.

Aboard the vessel, the team soon discovered that there was something else they didn't manage to intercept from the communications; the Covenant were battling with something else. In the Gravity lift bay, all they saw were dead covenant troops. A surprise attack from Covenant Stealth elites left Spartan-048 without any teamates, but he killed this team and proceeded to go to the Bridge. On the way, he saw entire Covenant fireteams battling another force, ignoring him entirely. He assumed it was a rebelling Covenant force, and continued nearly uncontested to the Hangar bay, where Covenant forces finally realized the significance of him again, and soon he had to fight his way through to the bridge. The ship lifted off the surface of the planet, and curiously, the ship began glassing the planet. Danno-048 managed to get to the bridge, engaging Special Operations all along the way from the hangar. The Special operations, unlike the rest of the vessel, were tasked to ignore the other enemies unless they endangered the bridge, specifically targeting the Spartan. They managed to damage certain circuits of his armor before failing their mission. Upon getting to the bridge, 4 Ultras engaged him, in an 8 minute battle that ended with a lot of jackal shield generators being blown, several depleted energy weapons, and Spartan-048 prevailing. The Ship Master then engaged the Spartan Sword-to-hand, which lasted nearly 3 minutes long. Much of the bridge's instuments were damaged before Danno finally gained the upper hand, taking the sword of the Ship master. The Elite warned that the enemy was not covenant, and would soon take over the ship. The Spartan then used the energy sword and killed the Ship master, taking the ship into slipspace on course to UNSC terriroty.

Danno then went to the Engineering suite, which was just repaired; on the way, the power lines were severely damaged, causing the lights to go out in the corridors. All along the way, he heard noises of something not Covenant, and was attacked from several directions. He has no memory of the things that he saw flashing ahead of him with his helmet lights, only remembering the Covenant fireteams that he ran into that fought the things as he ran. When entering the engine room, he initiated the self-destruct and proceeded to the hangar. He ran across pools of hot plasma as energy lines began to burst from heavy reactor pressure. Danno-048 then got to the hangar, taking a Seraph fighter and used it to fly out of the ship as it exited slipspace. As the ship entered normal space, it was then engaged by the UNSC Frigate Four Corners, who assumed the ship came from Reach. The Covenant ship never self-destruced, as it was obliterated by the frigate. Danno-048 then contacted the ship with the seraph's communications; he was finally brought back into UNSC command.

Spartan action figure

Danno-048 Before Reach

On his return to Earth, it was around the same time Spartan Blue Team was in the Insurrectionist asteroid belt around Eridanus, which was just before Operation: First Strike. He observed the first testing of the MJOLNIR Mk VI, watching on board a UNSC Destroyer in orbit around Earth as Maria-062 demonstrated it's ability. Even so, John-117 was the first to actively use the suit. After this, he was included in a huge wave of preparations the UNSC underwent for the impending Covenant invasion of Earth.

1st invasion of EarthEdit

Danno was stationed on the UNSC Orbital Defense Platform Athens just before the Covenant invaded. Luckily, he was on board a departing Pelican moments before it's detonation due to a Covenant Bomb. From here, he helped to defend another UNSC MAC platform, Paris, before being deployed to Earth around the same time as John-117 in an unfinished MJOLNIR mk VI suit.

Danno was deployed to New Mombassa, on the other side of the city from John-117 was deployed. After around an hour of conflict there, and reinforcing the already strong defense there, he was quickly extracted and deployed to Zanzabar Island, retaking Wind Power Station 7 in a 12 minute long skirmish with the Covenant. After that, he was redeployed in New mombassa, where the defenses he helped to strengthen were beginning to fail. He managed to destroy 2 Scarabs, 4 AA towers, and a massive horde of Covenant soldiers before he was extracted via Pelican, completing his mission in keeping his section of the City from being taken. The Pelican was set to return to Bravo Base on Madagascar for preparing to board the Prophet of Regret's Carrier; however, while flying from New Mombassa, Danno witnessed the city take massive damage from the In-Atmosphere slipspace insertion of the Carrier. He was unable to return to the city and support others. Danno was redirected to New York City, United States, where he was given a new directive by High Command; He was to present ideas for new weapons, vehicles, base layout plans, and was also briefed on information of the UNSC Spirit of Fire; his new mission was to be a part of a salvage party to find out what happened to the Vessel, and retreive any information they could possibly have. Two days before the operation began, the Covenant made a second invasion on Earth.

2nd Invasion of EarthEdit

Preparing for defense in Misriah Armory on Mars, he received the rest of the additions to the incomplete Mk VI armor he wore in the First Battle of Earth; he was then redeployed in parts of Asia against a scout covenant force, before traveling by air in response to The Prophet of Truth's Fleet over Voi. However, the air force was shot down over India. Fighting with ODST's against the small covenant deployment there, he was then flown to Voi just before the Portal's activation; here, he assisted the UNSC and Covenant Separatists in defeating the Flood infection. After this, he stayed on Earth, briefly seeing John-117 one last time aboard The UNSC Forward Unto Dawn before being extracted and flown back to New York City, where he received some armor upgrades and new equipment, assisting in organizing a plan in defense of Earth against the coming Second Flood Invasion.

Working Directly under Fleet Admiral Lord Terrance Hood, Danno was given waves and waves of work; organizing troops, prepping equipment, setting up defenses, and the like; he was assisting in doing this in places from San Fransisco, California, to Saudi Arabia, before finally being set back in Voi. Here he waited with the rest of the battleforce there for the Flood's return; however, it never came. With the front section of Forward Unto Dawn arriving with the Arbiter, and the remaining ships of the Covenant Separatists followi


ng, the Human-Covenant War was declared to be over.

Danno assisted then in the medical assistance of wounded UNSC soldiers for around 2 months before finally being allowed to rest himself. Instead of resting, however, he went throughout the many Spartan training facilities on Earth to improve his skills, before taking off combat training for a good 6 months on board the UNSC Orbital Defense Platform, Cairo.

Roleplay adventuresEdit

Danno underwent many adventures with what would eventually be known as the Adventure Group. He was a great ally to the UCR and helped them through many conflicts.

His first connection to the UCR was made through a fellow Spartan-III, Marquis-B589. After this, he also met with Church, another Spartan-II, the first time they'd seen each other since training. Also, Evo was met during this time, and with this little group of soldiers, Danno went through several missions. Through these first adventures, Danno met Alien-King, Protoman, Vile, and eventually Yoko, among many others.

Spartan Red warrior armor

Danny's Red Warrior armor (Onboard the Infinity)

Return to the UNSCEdit

Danno-048 was called upon to serve in the UNSC once more. He was one of the many Spartan commandoes aboard the UNSC Infinity, possibly to help assisting the other Spartan-IVs in their training, or perhaps for some other purpose. Previously, Danno decided against becoming a Sartan-IV Because he believed it was going to offset his history and his 'family', so to speak, of the other Spartan-IIs. He changed his name back to his previous designation, Danny-048. He then was aboard the UNSC Infinity, as this ship, the most powerful ever forged by human hands headed out to the shield world Requiem.

On board the Infinity on the way to Requiem, he assisted in training the Spartan-IVs aboard the training deck, where he learned some new UNSC techniques. This is where he used his new suit of MJOLNIR Generation 2 armor. His favorite weapons were the M739 LMG and the Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920; his favorite vehicles were the new Pelican variant, the Mantis walker, and, whenever he got the chance to use one once or twice, a Mammoth transport. He was on Spartan-IV Red team during the training simulations. Danno returned to Earth on the Infinity, witnessing the Didact's attack on New Phoenix and his subsequent defeat at the hands of John-117.

Fotus armor

Danny's Forerunner armor

Survival gamesEdit

Danno, along with the other main characters, was teleported into a series of survival games by the entity known as "Deus Ex Machina." He was unable to use one of his MJOLNIR suits or his newer 2nd Generation armor suit; however, he was carrying in his pocket a small Forerunner device that contained augmented armor similar to his 2nd generation suit. He activated it so he would not be unprotected during battle. However, due to being cut off from his bunkers, he could not summon any weapons, so he utilized a scavenged MA5D Assault Rifle from a fallen Spartan. He was the one that suggested to Evil Yoko that they, and the others of the group, should go against the rules and work together, to which she agreed. He was reluctant to attack any UNSC forces at that point because he still had connections to them; he suggested to Evil Yoko that he distract them while the rest of the group evades when next they encounter UNSC units. However, the UNSC did not recognize him in the Forerunner armor, and attacked him and the group anyway. Upon being attacked by UNSC Marines and ODSTs, Yoko, Danny, and a few others fought to hold against them. He demonstrated new combative skills taught by Evil Yoko, but his did not make matters better for him; after the Master Chief himself, John-117, appeared and attacked, the legendary figure managed to kill Sparky. Evil Yoko then became enraged, and tore off and smashed the Spartan's head. This left Danny extremely dumbstriken, as one of his brothers he swore to fight with when he was very young was brutally murdered. Yet he knew that Yoko was his best chance for survival; he continued to fight with her.

Soon after, another fireteam of Marines appeared; this one lead by the fastest Spartan, Kelly-087. After a brief brawl with Evil Yoko, she was easily defeated; her speed was not enough. Danny then got her at pistol gun-point, and tried to convince Kelly to switch sides and join with him, with the group; to show her the UNSC is not the best system there, to show her places he had been, and to be together like in childhood. However, she decided her duty was a higher priority, and was ready to attack Danny back, before Yoko killed her too.

At this point, Danny began suffering mentally: Kelly was one of his closest friends in the Spartan program, as she looked after him. With her and most of the other caring ones for him, like John and the rest of the Spartans, dead or gone, he finally was torn away from the UNSC. His life he was given, all his time training, the death of the others of the program over the years, and the betrayal of friendship made by Kelly, made him turn his back on everything he had built up. He was now ready and willing to kill anyone in the UNSC to get whatever the group needed done.

When Evil Yoko began discussing what they should do next, they were suddenly attacked by a sniper. Danno recognized the way the attack came, because he'd grown up with the attacker all his life: Linda-053. He immediately told Evil Yoko that he was going to take care of it, and that she should stay away. He found Linda after some painstaking work, and let all his anger out. He tossed Linda at where Evil Yoko was, forming a large crater. He jumped the distance and landed on her, crushing much of her armor. He took her combat knife: His last words to her were: "I'm sorry...." and he forced the blade up her lower jaw.

His Stoic personality being fed by all this destruction, he salvaged Linda's BR85 HB Battle Rifle and used that in conjunction with the MA5D and M6H he obtained earlier. He helped Yuno find Yuki, but took some damage after several nearby bombs were detonated. They were then attacked by shadow creatures; Yuno stayed behind while a horde attacked her so Danny could escape. He ran and hid in despair and sorrow, and was attakced by another creature; he was just barely being saved by Evil Yoko. Then Yuno was found and revived; he gave special thanks to her for her courage and nobility.

The survival game ended here, with everyone in it, including the Spartans and his Adventure Group companions Yuno and Evil Yoko, being illusions. This still deeply disturbed Danno, the effects left over of witnessing his Spartan siblings being destroyed by his own hands.

Discovering the Sangheili HeadhunterEdit

After going AWOL, Danno-048 returned to UCR space, residing there for about a month in secret until he could accumulate his resources. During this time, he discovered several of his private bunkers across multiple colony worlds were mysteriously being attacked and raided for armor equipment. Figuring out a pattern, he arrived at his bunker on Minister hours before the thief showed up. Mounting a considerable defense, he had the Bunker's automated turret systems engage the enemy on sight while other defensive systems would be used as traps. To Danno's surprise, the enemy proved hard to detect for the automated systems, using some form of enhanced thermal cloaking.

Danno moved to engage the threat himself, discovering it was a Sangheili wearing a gold Ranger combat harness. He used a multitude of weapons to attack, but his foe proved very well trained and enhanced for an Elite. The fight went through multiple areas of the Bunker, with the Sangheili getting what he was looking for; a healing unit, which he immediately used to tend to his wounds as he continued to fight the Spartan. The fight met its end when it carried on to the vehicular bay of the Bunker, with a few ground and aircraft being used by both individuals until the Headhunter used a Pelican to escape through a hole blown in the wall. Danno attempted to pursue in a modified Hornet, but lost his target and the healing unit. He returned to the base to close shop and initiate automated repairs.


Realizing he was losing many of his resources, and that the UNSC was hunting him down, Danno-048 needed to find something which would help enable him to survive on his own. Using his single salvaged Strident-class Frigate, he traveled alone, accicentally passing by a then-undiscovered Forerunner Line Installation which shot him down in slipspace transit. The Frigate crashed on the nearby planet where the Line Installation was located, essentially stranding him there.

Believing himself alone, the Spartan decided to scout the area for anything interesting. His warthog was found by several Sentinels and an Enforcer, which disabled his vehicle but did not attack him personally. He managed to shoot down 3 Sentinels before being engaged from behind by a Gatherer. Despite his augmented strength, the Gatherer captured him, placing him within its stasis tank and taking him to the Installation.

Awakening inside the Installation without weapons, Danno was visited by the Monitor of the Installation, who was excited at the human's arrival and wanted to show him around. Being stranded, defenseless, and having nothing better to do, Danno complied and followed as the Monitor showed him around.

Eventually, the two entered the Flood Research Facility which remained intact and unbreached. The Monitor was aware of the breaches on the Halo Installations a few years before, and knowing that it could not leave its position to stop any breaches in other locations, the Monitor pleaded with Danno that he make it his mission to keep the galaxy safe from further infection. Ultimately, Danno agreed, making it one of his personal objectives to keep the Flood from going loose again. To help him, the Monitor took him to the Medical facility in the Installation to undergo an artificial Mutation process, which Danno had reluctantly, but eventually, conceeded to.

Danno orange eyes

Danno's dormant Forerunner DNA activating

Taking an archived genetic imprint of the Didact from its databanks as it was the only thing it had, the Monitor performed the mutation ritual on Danno. The process took a little longer than usual since it was not a Forerunner performing the mutation. After this, the Monitor had its constructors repair Danno's Frigate while he got accustomed to some of the new changes in his body. The alterations would take place within the next few years.

Didact 1

Danno holds a deep belief that he is part of a long extended family started by the Didact.

When Danno returned to the UCR sometime later, he came with some pieces of technology the Monitor gave him, including weapons, a class-6 Combat Skin remodled from his FOTUS armor, and armor equipment to use in battle. Since his mutations would not take place until a few more years, he still had his Spartan-II augmentations and a human appearance.

Building an armyEdit

When Danno moved his primary residence to Church's island, he went on a search in nearby areas for Forerunner technology. He ended up finding a Composer and a small Forerunner Forerunner ship. Testing the composer's abilities on Insurrection pirates that were hiding out in CMF space, he gained the ability to produce Promethean Knights. He regarded the Composer as a powerful, but dangerous, tool, reserving it only for extreme purposes. After getting aquainted to his accumulated technology, he had made his own home/fortress on another island far off, and gave Church a force of Prometheans, 6 of each class, but told Church he could take more if he wanted or needed them.

Danny also had perviously found an empty Cryptum buried in the rock underneath Church's island, bringing it out via mental command when the island was attacked by the UNSC. With the assistance of a large Teleportation unit Church provided, he phased on board into the command center, and jammed the UNSC from taking The Liberator's blueprints while simultaneously awakening the dormant Prometheans aboard and sent them through the teleporter on Church's Island. However, he only got to sending about 60 Sentinels before the battle was finished, and so he came through the teleporter once more and sent the Cryptum under the ocean.

He sent his most noble Promethean Knight Commander to lead a large team of Prometheans, of all classes, to the island church mentioned, with one of the designs he picked from the Cryptum's database and materials sent from Church. Danny's island fortress was finished in around 3 days. It is here he has moved all of the possessions of his he managed to save from the rest of his Bunkers before they could be plundered by whomever was raiding them.

Liberation and captureEdit

When Church moved to rescue his parents from an Insurrectionist colony, he called upon Danny's assistance to aid him. Danny answered without hesitation, his ship, The Judjement, arriving in the system in 4 minutes. From atmosphere, his ship deployed a small squad of Promethean Knights, lead by a Knight Lancer, to aid Church, Evo, a small squad of Spartan-IVs and Joker-066. However, as soon as they cleared out the Rebels and got to Church's/Evo's parents, a fleet of ships from the Hand of Tonitrui faction appeared to take the Judgement.

A large battle ensued in the sky, as Church called upon the Liberator to take out the fleet, Judgement moving in beside the Liberator to assist. However, despite the massive firepower of both ships combined, plus the unexpected aid of a highly modified Covenant Banshee that appeared from Slipspace, the Hand of Tonitrui fleet just had too many numbers on their side; eventually, the Liberator's starboard Point defense weapons were destroyed by a suicidal Covenant Cruiser, allowing the Jiralhanae Army Commander's personal, heavily altered Destroyer to move in broadside with the Judgement and launch a massive wave of Covenant boarding craft before it's heavy shielding faltered below 10% from the Judgement's Point defense weaponry.

The boarding party consisted first of a wave of nearly 100 Suicide grunts; all but 10 of these perished from the closing walls, light barriers, and opening deck floors before they reached the bridge, where Promethean Knights dispatched the rest of them. Zeta, Church's AI, teleported a team of Spartan-IVs onboard the bridge to assist Danny after an increasing amount of Brutes managed to down all of the Promethean guards. The Spartans successfully managed to hold back an advanced wave of Jump Pack Brutes flying over them to reach Danno, while multiple Brute Stalkers entered under active cammo; the small brute squad was defeated by the Spartans.

Despite this, multiple teams of Hunters were sent into the Bridge, flanked by Brute Chieftains wielding Gravity hammers, and once this moment approached the tide of the skirmish had turned. The Modified Banshee, turning out to be the craft of the Elite Headhunter, dealt major damage to a few cruisers of the fleet and the Judgement (Attempting to take it down before the Brutes could get a hold of the ship). However, the Elite failed to realize that once the boarding party caught sight of Danny on the Bridge, they had very little concern over the ship itself anymore, going straight for Danny, thinking of him as an advanced Forerunner Sentinel/Promethean.

The Hunters and Chieftains were dealt with, but they had weakened and downed enough Spartan-IVs for many more Brutes to have gathered, reinforced by Grunts, Jackals, and a couple more Hunters. This time, Church himself teleported on board after realizing that somehow, the Covenant had jammed Danny's ability to teleport out of the ship, and the ship's own ability to teleport out of the system. He and Danny together made a final stand on board the bridge, Danny using a Scattershot while Church dual wielded Suppressors, and later energy knives, to combat the horde.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop the horde. While the broadside Destroyer was just starting to release it's second wave of troops (The whole entire boarding party that dealt so much damage to the inner defense being just the first wave), the Jiralhanae Army Commander finally got tired and boarded the ship himself; he entered the bridge with multiple Honor Guard Brutes, using his Powerful Gravity Hammer to knock Church away, and had the Honor Guard Brutes combat Church while the Army Commander himself attacked Danny.

Danny, despite being as powerful as he was, was already beginning to tire; having had little experience against the Ferocious, Fresh (As in full stamina, no tiredness) Army Commander, he was felled rather quickly. Danny was knocked back far against the Bridge's Hardlight console, stunned upon impact both from the Gravity hammer and from the high force of impact against the hardlight. Immediately, Church rose up to defend him, but was sucked into and thrown back by the Army Commander's Vortex ability.

Then, using a Teleportation field, the Army Commander summoned a whole force of advanced "Flamethrower" Brutes to defend his exit as the Army commander went to take Danny. Danny, in his last few minutes of being with the Adventure Group (For now), saw Mari enter the Bridge Just at that moment, retracting his helmet to look at her one final time before he was taken.... she noticed then his eyes changed from the orange they had been for nearly a month to the old, cold blue they used to be when he first started using his original Forerunner armor. Danny was then taken by the Jiralhanae after Church shouted a promise, telling him he would find Danny as soon as he could.

The Judgement, having been held up off the ground by the Liberator's Gravity lift, finally fell and impacted the surface. There it remained until the Liberator could use it's Gravity beam to tow it back to Danny's Island, where it has remained floating up in the air a few miles above the island.

The Hand of Tonitrui fleet, believing themselves to have captured an advanced Forerunner Robot, realised upon Danny's helmet retraction that the construct they had been taking was actually a living creature, whom seemed to possess the traits of both Forerunner and Human. They left the system with their captor.


Eventually, with the assistance of the Spirit of Fire and Exon and Bad Company forces, The UCR sent a small fleet that managed to rescue Danny. The UCR had Marq lead a team composed of Church, Evo, Headhunter (After his arrival and alliance), the Three Spartans from the Spirit of Fire, Stacker, and others.

After arriving at the Jiralhanae homeworld of Doisac, where the Hand of Tonitrui were keeping Danny, the allied force managed to demolish it's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Defense fleets. These fleets were composed of many smaller ships, moderate numbers of cruiser-type ships, and a small number of drednaught ships, respectively. Once the force deployed ground forces, they took on the Jiralhanae on the planet's surface; They managed to somewhat easily carve through the Brute defense force. In the first Covenant Base encountered, the Jiralhanae Army Commander was interrogated after losing a battle with Church and Evo; after revealing Danny's location, the Army Commander was then killed.

After blasting through the other bases, and many, many brute units, including waves of Banshees and vehicles such as Ghosts, Brute choppers and Prowlers, and Wraiths, the ground force eventually got to a large crater surrounded by a mountain system, with a massive Covenant Fortress in the center. However, before they could proceed, the ground force was easily destroyed by an advanced tribe of the Jiralhanae that used Sonic weaponry.

Even so, the team managed to hold their ground before all the ground foundations were demolished; with the assistance of Church, Stacker, and Headhunter, Marquis managed to kill the clan leader and find the whereabouts of Danny. As they blasted their way back towards the Fortress and breached it, they went through it, chamber by chamber, slaughtering any Brutes in their way, and tearing down any defense, to find him.

For hours they fought through waves of Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, Brutes, and as they went deeper, Drones, Combat-fitted Engineers and even derranged and enslaved Elites. The team got to the lower levels, where they found multiple torture and interrogation chambers, filled with humans, Elites, a couple Jackals, one or two Brutes from opposing clans, and many other species. Sotophirus decided it best to release any living occupants at the invaders; whoever was left of Marines, Hellbringers, ODSTs, and Bad Company soldiers were mostly torn apart by the waves of ravaging prisoners, who were also tearing Each other apart along with the invading team.

Despite this, the team managed to eliminate all these prisoners, and went into the next level. Here, they encountered nothing but hives upon hives of drones, the deeper they went, the stronger the drone variants, with more energy shielding and more powerful weapons. They also cleared through chambers filled with augmented Brutes, and Super Heavy Hunter units with Plasma throwers, energy shields, and increased size and strength.

Once all these were cleared through, the final chamber was left to clear through. In here, nearly 40 Chieftains awaited them in a room filled with sarcophoguses, similar to the storage chamber of the Arbiter armor on High Charity. All of them were filled with Jiralhanae war heroes, Elite legendary warriors, two Prophets whom were preserved for the purpose of leading a new Covenant, and one of them, containing Danny.

When they finally opened the pod containing Danny, they found him horribly injured; all of his armor removed, his Combat skin torn from cuts made with Plasma blades and Plasma arc welders, and Jiralhanae blades; burns made from heated iron in an attempt to brand Jiralhanae symbols onto his skin (Which were unsuccessful for reasons unknown); and extreme damage to his nervous structure due to their introduction to chemicals that were to numb and force him to answer all the questions they had, and an attempt to get him to become their mindless slave (Had the team been delayed for about 2 days, they might have been successful); and some manner in which they attampted to modify his skeletal structure.

A final battle with the Jiralhanae alpha tribe, Sotophirus included, had the team decide it was finally time to leave with Danny. They only managed to kill one aplha jiralhanae before they left, but the Headhunter pursued them as the jirahlahae themselves teleported out to a separate location on the planet; Doisac was then glassed and it's surface bombarded by the fleet in orbit as the team returned with Danny, who was slowly being healed by Marq and recovering by his own healing power.

After rescueEdit

After this, he decided to take a visit aboard the Daedalus for one visit before he returned home. Here, he witnessed that Grif had a daughter who heavily resembled Yoko, and was his difficulty in being a father as Yuno struggled to try to be a mother figure. It was also here that he discovered her crush on him; after this, he agreed to go out with her. He is currently dating with Yuno, taking a heavy, deep interest in her.

However, this sturred up some conflict with his previous girlfriend, Mari. He was deeply distraught by this; however, he decided to stick with Yuno. He had decided to do whatever he can to help Mari find another partner, one that would be far better than him.


Danno had recently been going by the name of "Danthrall." He has reassembled and almost reconstructed his Promethean army, along with expanding it with new types of his own design. Danthrall has been forging Sentinels as well, plus Combat skins and Forerunner armor and weapons. He even has created an Artificial Intelligence, which he has dubbed "Authoritive Transposer." Additionally, he has been augmenting himself further, gaining speed and strength along with an accelerated healing factor, heat production, and an uncanny trait that makes it even more difficult to kill him.

He has been moving his thoughts and plans into some sort of combat action against an unknown and unspoken enemy; he has been seen observing and supervising combat drills run by the Prometheans under his command. His latest action was confirmed to be summoning the Judgement from beneath his island after a long while of inactivity, storing his Cryptum in it, and traversing to an unknown location; however, he was unaware that X and Alien had accidentally been tagged along.

Capturing a separate boarding craft and accidentally pulling along the UNSC Zeus in his wake, Danthrall moved the ship into slipspace towards an unknown system with a lone planet orbiting a Red Giant star. After a great conflict, his ship was finally severely damaged by an overlooked Nuke; Danthrall then made his way to his Cryptum, avoiding Alien, X, and Evo along the way, who for some reason either could not recognize at the time or completely ignroed as he seemed hostile towards them. He escaped in his Cryptum before the Judgement impacted the planet's surface. He then took the Cryptum and plowed it through the Zeus, crippling it beyond repair as it then, too, impacted the planet's surface. However, he was unaware that Alien and X managed to successfully penetrate the Cryptum.

Evil DannoEdit


15-year period of Rest and the Aftermath ConflictEdit

For the 15-year period of relative peace after the Wraith conflict, Danthrall has retreaded to his Cryptum, sealed himself away at an unknown location, and has spent the 15 years meditating on past and future events. The place he has chosen is unknown; no one was told where he would remain dormant. He is currently awaiting reawakening.

Eventually, it turned out that Danno was sealed in his Cryptum on Installation 06. Before disappearing, he gave Church a beacon that would lead to the Installation, giving him directions to grant the beacon to Natsumi Yamamoto. After 15 years and after Church was found, he escorted Natsumi to the Installation, then remained in orbit, sending her down to the surface with basic escort via Pelican. The group made it inside a small cave, which held a teleportation terminal that lead inside a Forerunner complex. Inside, the escorts were detailed by a comm to stay behind as Natsumi would head down alone, to test her abilities.

She managed to make her way through the defense grid leading to Danthrall's Cryptum. Activating it, she observed and partially participated in his revival. However, they were both being secretly observed by a lost and wandering ODST. Dantrhall allowed the ODST healing and a place of rest for one night; learning of a lost UNSC ship that crashed on the Installation, he decided to retract his Cryptum and facility from the Ring. The ODST managed to escape just in time to observe the facility's components emerge from the surface, as Danthrall had the Cryptum form his vessel from the facility components.

After entering slipsace and reencountering Church, he handed Natsumi back over to him with a thank-you, and went on in his exploration of Forerunner technology. In this exodus, he accidentally came across a Human Female with Forerunner technology, who claimed that her homeworld was entirely reliant on the Forerunner technology they had there. After a discussion, he allowed her to return home alone, but tracked her vessel to it's landing location so he could later go there for study and retreval.

Danthrall then contacted Church, granting him a device that allowed the basic manipulation of Forerunner technology. After church showed that he could also change the coloration of them slightly, Danthrall took him back onto his ship via a teleportation tunnel, and gave him a Combat skin, armor, weapons, an immunity to a Composer and several Ancillas.

Return to EarthEdit

Danthrall has since expressed an interest in retrieving his old Spartan suits and classic UNSC equipment. For this, he searched Concord, encountering A.L.I.E.N., and then ultimately returned to Earth, barely evading a battle with the UNSC at the trade-off of his AI Captor.


Eventually, Danno hooked up with Mari again, and they, in time, got married. Mari then became pregnant, and Danno decided to devote most of his attention towards his new family, what he believes is his greatest achievement. Eventually, it came out to be Danno and Mari having twin boys. However, right after birth, one of the children was taken by a mysterious kidnapper. Danno reluctantly left Mari and the remaining son in order to chase after the kidnapper with Church and Alien-King in tow. Despite a valiant effort, Danno had to make the decision to allow him to escape so that his son would not be harmed. He however vowed that he would rescue his son. Returning home with Mari, they named their remaining child Titus. Danno organized a hunt for the kidnapper, Evil Z, with Church and the CMF, allowing Alien-King to participate and also hiring Samus. They went to a planet's abandoned city, where hints of extra-dimensional events were reported to occur, and as they searched they were attacked by dark creatures. Defeating them and taking out the portal they were emerging from, they then had a confrontation against Evil-Z.

Following this, Danno hadn't found a significant threat that demanded his attention. He went back and forth between UCR and CMF territories, spending most of his time monitoring Forerunner artifacts, observing conflicts across the galaxy, trying to find lost items from his time in the UNSC, and mostly, with his family. Titus seems to take more of an understanding and inheritance to Danno's interests and attributes, while his other son is strangely unresponsive unless Mari is nearby.

Death of Church Mas7erEdit

Upon hearing the disaster of Cineris and the fall of Church, Danno grieved greatly; not only was another member of the adventure group lost, he was a close companion to Danno whom had battled and survived together inumerous times.

Danno attended the service for his passing, where he gave a eulogy and comforted family and friends that were there. He spent much of his time at the side of Mari and their children.

Immediately following the service, Danno ensured Mari and their children were transitioned to a safe location in the CMF. He then began movements preparing for a possible encounter with the foe responsible for Church's death; having what knowledge was given to him by the CMF, Danno initiated production for war machines and equipment, looking into the combat prowess of his ship. He does not intend to hunt the ones responsible, at least not yet; he moves to secure first his family, then the rest of the Adventure group, and finally the rest of the galaxy from whatever it was that claimed his brother.


While still in preparation mode, Danno has amassed quite a capable force in hopes of somehow avenging the loss of Church, and ending the threat of the Void once and for all. Despite his mortal status and conventional tactics, one cannot underestimate the depth of Danno's plans.

Taking considerable lengths of time for consideration and study, Danno has some well-thought strategy in aiding the galaxy against the Void when the eventual battle occurs. Legion upon legion of combat machines have been forged; dozens of Sentinel variants, collections of Promethean constructs, and the gathering of greater weapons of Forerunner construction. Additionally, Danno has gone out to attempt acquiring mystical powers for himself as well, to compensate for his complete lack of any spiritual powers.


SPARTAN-II As a Spartan-II Supersoldier of the United Nations Space Command Defense Force, Danno-048 held a number of superhuman traits. Possessing greatly enhanced strength, speed, durability, vision, regenerative properties and a tremendously decreased reaction time as a result of the Spartan-II Augmentation procedures, Danno-048 was an icon of human achievement during wartime, created to combat the greater threats of the then-present Insurrectionist and Covenant threats. Additionally, the Neural Implant he received allowed him to interface directly with MJOLNIR armor and additional systems, or to be improved by an AI.

Base Physical TraitsEdit

Danno-048's skeleton was covered in a thin layer of an advanced ceramic carbide material, rendering them much more resilient to trauma and requiring great forces to fracture. His muscles were also enhanced, boosting their tissue strength and decreasing lactase production as well as strengthening the connection with tendons, allowing him greater physical strength and endurance. The skeletal and muscular systems were both improved for growth and reinforcement, with increased musclemass and bone density. Nerves were enhanced to increase effectivity to 300%, improving memory, creativity and intelligence. Capillaries in the eyes were reversed to improve blood flow, enhancing visual acuity and granting limited night vision.

Due to these augmentations, Danno's base physical abilities were far greater than that of any regular human. He became strong enough to lift three times his weight while only 14 years old, and tearing weapons and armor off of UNSC battlefield equipment such as vehicles. Danno was clocked at running at speeds maxing out at 54 kph/33.55 mph. His reaction time was also logged at around 20 miliseconds; to others, he appeared to move at a blur in stressful situations, able to react and counter threats far before regular eyesight could even register the attack.


Due to updates in technology and to become more compatable for the MJOLNIR Generation 2 system, Danno-048 obtained improvements to his pre-existing augmentations under the Spartan-IV program. These slightly increased his already high levels of human performance.

Danno mk 6

Danno-048 in his first MJOLNIR Mk VI Suit

Armor EnhancedEdit

Wearing a suit of MJOLNIR armor or other powered exoskeletons designed to enhance the user's abilities, all of the above mentioned traits of Danno-048 were improved even further. For the first part of the Human-Covenant War, Danno-048 used the MJOLNIR Mk IV system; when the MJOLNIR Mk V came into use shortly before the Fall of Reach, Danno-048 began to use it, continuing until the Battle of Earth when he utilized the MJOLNIR Mk VI.

Danno-048 would also obtain various suits, such as Marine BDUs, ODST armor, HAYABUSA armor, other MJOLNIR variants, and the SPI armor. These he often kept in storage, using the different variants depending on the mission requirements.

Eventually Danno-048 obtained MJOLNIR Generation 2 armor of different variations.


After being conscripted by the Monitor of Line Installation 64-68 to combat the Flood, Danno-048's Spartan Augmentations were essentially undone and replaced with genetic alteration via the process of Forerunner Mutation. The process was risky, as it was a Brevet Mutation due to the lack of a living Forerunner to perform the procedure. Despite this, Danno came out unharmed in the end, with the effects of the mutation showing after a few days. During this procedure, his Neural Interface was removed, with the leftover space reaccounted for by brain mass that improved his intelligence, memory, and creativity.

Danno's base physical traits were greatly improved, far more than even the Spartan-V program due to the Forerunner nature. Outside an enhancing suit, Danno's physical prowess was greater than that of his highest capabilities as a Spartan-II in MJOLNIR armor. These traits would be even further improved when wearing a Combat Skin, making him essentially unmatched by most UNSC personnel.

Combat SkinEdit

Danno wears a Class-8 Combat Skin, which calculated by the UNSC is 4 times as powerful as MJOLNIR armor. While relatively low on the scale of Forerunner battle suits, it nevertheless allows him great powers in combat situations. Without shielding activated, the Combat skin can take a direct hit from an M41 Rocket Launcher and receive no damage or even scarring, only being sent flying back a few feet from the force of the explosion. At full power, Danno's combat skin can take a direct shot from a Scorpion Tank with minor damage, though it can leave him disoriented. The recharge rate of the energy shield allows it to kick in 2 seconds after no contact, being fully charged 2 seconds later for a full charge time of 4 seconds after damage.

While wearing the combat skin, Danno's aging essentially ceases progression, improving his longevity to at least a few hundred years unassisted by outside medical technology; this, combined with his Forerunner mutation, contributes to his 20-30's appearance despite being near the end of a human lifespan. With the Warrior-Servant nature of his mutation, Danno is mentally linked to virtually every piece of Forerunner technology he owns, allowing him the remote control of weapon systems, defenses, or even a starship. It also connects him to the CMF and UCR databases, giving him up-to-date information on the events through the Milky Way Galaxy. Equipped with basic life-support, the Forerunner technologies in the Combat skin allow Danno to operate in any environment, including hot, cold, arid, toxic, pressurized, irradiated, and the vacuum of space for at least a week.

In conventional combat, Danno comes with a variety of offensive and defensive abilities afforded to his Combat skin to counter his foes:

  • Constraint Field - Basically a technological telekinesis, it allows the manipulation of projectiles or obstacles at zero to low velocity, such as rockets, grenades, vehicles, or enemy infantry. With his enhanced reaction time, he is also capable of capturing high-velocity targets, as long as he is focused.
  • Sentinel Beam - A projector in the palm of each hand grants him a variable output, high powered sentinel beam, ranging from a small beam to cut a lock to one powerful enough to carve through a warthog in a few seconds. The higher the output, the longer the recharge time.
  • Teleportation Grid - Broadcasted from his ship with his armor serving as a nexus, granting the ability of teleportation. He can use this on himself to evade combat, catch enemies by surprise, perform the Knight Lancer's zig-zag dash, send enemies or obstacles away, or to summon Sentinels, weapons, or companions to his side.
  • Hardlight Shield - In addition to his base shield, a hardlight shield generator on each forearm grants enhanced defensive measures, each capable of withstanding a direct hit from a high-powered rocket before failing.
  • Hardlight Blade - A pair of variable shaped blade projectors grants Danno the ability to use a hardlight blade in the shapes used by each Promethean Knight class.
  • Auto-Sentry deployer - A chest-mounted drone generator allows Danno to spawn an auto sentry to serve as an aid in combat. Accurate, moderate rate of fire, packs a punch, can down a Spartan-IV in 4 shots.
  • Promethean Vision - Enhances vision significantly, allowing him to see through solid objects, identify objects of interest or potential weak points, identify weaponry and status of targets, and visually links him to every unit under his control. Is an effective penetration through visual impairment such as fog or smoke.
  • Hardlight Cape - An additional, custom projector on the rear shoulders generates an aesthetic hardlight projector, acting as an extra layer of defense for the rear, a deadly close combat weapon, and an overall impressive visual appeal.
  • Danno-048's Personal M6D
  • Danno-048's MA5B Assault Rifle, which he has used ever since Eridanus
  • Danno-048's Combat knife
  • Danno-048's Battle Rifle, issued after The Fall of Reach
  • Danno-048's Mongoose, issued during the first engagement on Earth
  • Danno-048's Warthog, perhaps his most modified Vehicle
  • Danno-048's downgraded Elephant; once a large troop carrier gun platform, now a mobile command post
  • Danno-048's Hornet, added unguided rockets and belt restraints for passengers on the outer struts
  • Danno-048's Pelican, colored Black for Space and Night Camoflauge
  • Danno-048's large Gunship, around 3 times the size of a standard Vulture and nearly 3 times more powerful
  • Spartan-048 in an Arctic environment
  • Spartan-048 fighting the Flood on Earth
  • Spartan-048 Storming a Forerunner Temple occupied by the Covenant
  • Danno-048 in his dream of the near-future
  • Danny's Boltshot: Forms from lower back armor
  • Danny's Suppressor: Forms from Left Thigh armor
  • Danny's Light Rifle: Forms from upper back armor


  • Marq: A Spartan-III supersoldier of the UNSC and the founder of the Adventure Group. Danno was highly loyal to him, and vowed to be his personal defender when his Bird powers were discovered. Upon his death, Danno swore to help uphold what was left of the Adventure Group, and to aid the UCR in any way possible.
  • Church: A Spartan-II supersoldier of the UNSC and member of the CMF. They are such close friends that they regard each other as brothers. It was through Church that Danno met his wife, Mari. After he was killed by a Void God, Danno vowed vengenace for his brother and began preparations to protect the Galaxy from a future attack.
  • Yoko: A highly trained human and significant member of the Adventure Group; she spent some time to train him, improving his close-quarters skills, his firearm accuracy, and driving skills. Their friendship strengthened tremendously during Danno's short relationship with Yuno.
  • Mari: Church's Soul Partner, and Danno's wife. Initially mere allies connected through their bonds with Church, Danno and Mari eventually grew close and started dating. Their relationship met complications when Danno began favoring Yuno, though they managed to settle for friendship. After Yuno's death, Mari helped comfort his grief, and the two reestablished their former connection. She is now the mother of his twin sons, and he has devoted himself to be the loyal guardians of all three of them.
  • Yoko (Evil verse): An ally of the Adventure Group that instagated several changes through Danno's life. Initially, he questioned her loyalty and true intentions, but put these worries aside when she demonstrated she was not hostile. However, it was her that led him to decide abandoning his past during the Deus Ex Machina game, and to kill his former Spartan siblings. Even though the events of the game proved to be a complete fake afterwards, it shook him to his core, and he could never bring himself to trust Evil Yoko ever again.
  • Yuno: An ally brought along into the Adventure Group through Yoko. Instantly upon meeting, Danno felt intimacy for her; despite her strange habits and crazy personality, she proved kind and close to his heart, and the two shared feelings of romance. It was powerful enough that Danno chose to leave Mari behind and go for Yuno instead. Their relationship was strong, with each partner proving loyal to the other and acting as powerful combatants when operating together. He was deeply sorrowed by her accidental death at the hands of Church; despite his pain, he brought himself to forgive his brother, and eventually returned to Mari.
  • Alien-King: A powerful sentient Xenomorph and member of the Adventure Group. Danno always found it interesting how the creature seemed as intelligent as a human, and despite his initial worries, he came to trust Alien-King as much as his other allies. Over the years, Alien-King has helped him maintain the extensive collection of equipment and materiel Danno has kept in storage.
  • Evo: A Spartan-III and former member of NOBLE Team as "Noble-Six", survivor of the Fall of Reach and member of the Adventure Group. The two were quite close friends due to hailing from the UNSC, with Danno suppressing lewd thoughts of the female until he discovered she was Church's sister, and these thoughts ceased entirely. With Danno's transformation into a Forerunner, this puts their friendship into a strain, with Danno avoiding contact with her out of fear she may turn him over to the UNSC, who are hunting him.
  • Stacker: A Sangheili who had left the Covenant Empire, and member of the Adventure Group. With the expected initial distrust for the Elite, Danno soon grew to put his disagreements aside and simply work with Stacker during their adventures. Over time, he came to highly respect Stacker, and the pair became good friends.
  • Grif: An unlucky member of the fake 'Red Team' in UNSC simulations and member of the Adventure Group. Due to awkward interactions, the pair don't usually see things the same way and often Danno finds himself in conflict with Grif's intentions, despite knowing he is experienced and means well. This is likely due to Grif's unlucky nature, and the fact he is essentially immortal. This hasn't improved even though the two are connected to Yoko, who helped to inspire all the Adventure Group members.
  • Natsumi Yamamoto : A young female, replacement of Yuno since her accidental death. While not close to each other beyond friendship, Danno has entrusted her with a variety of important things due to the nature of her position, taking over for her former lover. The most significant of these is assigning her to seek his Cryptum and awaken him from his meditation when the Galaxy needed him again, an assignment she completed after the 15-year timeskip. She helped him through the long process of reanimation, but since then, any activities the pair have done so far remains unknown.


Additional NotesEdit

"Skills: A basic understanding in all the weaponry and standard vehicles of the UNSC. Additional training was spent in the use of fully automatic weapons; utilizing two smaller weapons at once, aka "Dual-Wielding", such as the M7 Sub-Machine Gun or the M6G Magnum; Medium-to-Long range weapons, like the BR55HB Battle Rifle; Support mounted weapons, like the LAU-65D/SGM-151 Missile Pod; and is potently skilled in the use of vehicles, aircraft in particular. He also has a little extra experience in using Covenant tech, more so than the average Spartan-II demonstrated.

Spartan-048 is also very skilled in coming up with daring plans in order to achieve victory. While he is mostly gifted in tactical planning, he has little experience in strategic warfare. Most uncomfortable in situations where Nuclear Weaponry is required; he once claimed to have friends that suffered from the radiation of a HAVOK Nuclear Warhead."

-UCR Dossier, Skills section, early Adventure Group Days

"A highly skilled Spartan with exceptional skills on and off the battlefield; He always paid attention, did what needed to be done, was an extraordinary soldier, and a rare thing, he Loved his Superiors; he always formed strong friendships with his teachers, officers, and instructors. He had a thing for doing the right thing, even when most wouldn't bother doing so. This has offset what people think in his training... being distanced from those he considered his family is something not many can comprehend. Additionally, his reaction to the Flood is not uncommon, but somewhat rare among Spartans; most are able to put aside their fear when their life is in danger. There is a rumor that one time, after a large battle in Saudi Arabia against the Flood, the Spartan was found curled up in a ball in a corner, surrounded by a wall of mangled, decomposed corpses and covered in alien blood, the floor carpeted by the spent shell casings of his weapons. Perhaps ONI needs to re-evaluate his psychological profile, and place him on fronts away from the parasite; but I fear when the time comes, and the Flood attack again, I think we'll need all the heavily-armored, super powered 7-Foot tall walking tanks we can get."

-Commander Richard Lash
  • Danno-048's ODST Armor
  • Danno-048's SPI Armor
  • Danno-048's MJOLNIR Mk VI Armor, later repainted.
  • Danny-048's MJOLNIR Mk IV Armor
  • Danny-048's MJOLNIR Mk V Armor.
  • Danno-048's MJOLNIR Generation 2 Recruit armor (Aboard the UNSC Infinity).
  • Danny-048's Armor on the UNSC Infinity after his first paint job.


  • Danno-048 is a member of the Prime Adventure Group.
  • Danno-048 is one of the last surviving members of the original group. The others are Evo, Stacker, and Alien-King, among others.
  • Danno-048 is the only known living Forerunner in the Galaxy. The main race was destroyed during the Halo activation a hundred thousand years ago; his sons, Titus and Sorin, are not fully Forerunner, but are in fact hybrids.
  • Danno once used an unorthodox method to escape a nuclear blast: digging a hole and burrowing himself in it. While he managed to survive due to his MJOLNIR armor, he does not recommend others try it. Despite this, the feat was repeated and successfully pulled off by Ken Hayabusa of the JSDF during an operation years later while helping other forces outside his Armored Core.

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