Marius Titus




6' 3"


185 lbs




North/West Region

Type of Fighter

Sword/Shield Legionary

Centurion Edit

Damocles is a younger Centurion (formerly named Marius Titus) of the Roman Empire. He excelled at swordsmanship and proved that he can lead from his early years in the Legions of Rome(?). He currently leads 100 men.

Early ChildhoodEdit

Damocles grew up with his father (a former general and senator) always aspiring to be a general like his father. He trained and studied hard from a young age and grew up as a apprentice of a blacksmith making swords and other weapons as well as training with them. As he reached adulthood he was recruited for service in the 2nd cohort of the legionaries.


Ryse Son Of Rome All Executions08:31

Ryse Son Of Rome All Executions

As a legionary Damocles trained for and fought against the barbarian hordes and secured his promotion (mostly due to his familiy's wealth) but as he was away an evil dictator known as Emperor Nero had taken rule and forced Rome(?) into a dire situation pushing rome to near destruction. While away with his family on leave his father, mother, and sister were assassinated by Nero's assassins (his father had gotten too popular as a senator). While grieving a nearby Commander (Vitallion) noticed him and had conscripted him in the 14th promising him all the blood of the barbarians (who Damocles had thought killed his father) he could hope for. During the following years Damocles had proven he can lead and fight very well killing near thousands of barbarians throughout the years as well as finding out throughout the years that it was actually Emperor Nero who had his family killed.


Returning to Rome and crafting armor to in a look a like as a vengeful spirit by the name of Damocles who returned from the underworld and killed his cowardly commanders who abandoned him and gotten him killed for their selfishness. He used this armor as a scare tactic against Nero after killing his sons to scare him during a gladitorial game. His gladiator career was cut short when he the barbarian horde attacked rome in force, forcing him to once again become a general and defend Rome. But that didn't stop him, he managed to find Nero and kill him, almost dying himself.

Current YearsEdit

After barely surviving his intensive wounds Marius (now known as Damocles) has become a Centurion and leads a crack regiment of legionaries in the defense of Rome.

Ryse Son of Rome Ending Final Cutscene Xbox One05:07

Ryse Son of Rome Ending Final Cutscene Xbox One

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