"Do not let the darkness of your past be the doorstep to your future. Forgive and Forget."

Daisy Johnson


July 2, 2555






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Agent, Level 10

Daisy Johnson is an ARGUS agent who is the handler of Ava Orlova.

History Edit

Johnson's parents abandoned her at an early age and was sent to an orphanage on Orb. She grew up into a scholar and attended one of Orb's prestigious academies. She became intertwined with Orb's growing crime rate and took it upon herself to become a vigilante on the streets. When ARGUS began to crackdown on the crime, Daisy was taken in and became an Agent of ARGUS. By the year 2578, she became one of ARGUS's top agents (the title belongs to Natasha Romanoff). It was also at this point that she was given the assignment of being Ava Orlova's handler.

Abilities Edit

Master Hacker- Daisy is an accomplished hacker who uses her skills through intelligence gathering and data interpretation.

Expert Martial Artist- Daisy has learned many forms of fighting techniques, from Tae-Kwon-Do to Kung Fu

Expert Marksman- Johnson was trained in the art of weapon technology and manages to keep her cool while under pressure.

Expert Spy- Daisy is skilled in deception and the art of assassination.

Tactician- Johnson has learned how to asset threats in a location she has entered.

Equipment Edit

OAC M1911A4 "Bulldog"- an newer model of the classic handgun, Daisy primarily has hers equipped with a laser sight, red dot sight, and a suppressor.

Two M84 "Anti-personal" Flashbangs

Powers Edit

Vibration Manipulation- Daisy has the ability to manipulate and enhance vibrations which can produce effects such as earthquakes (to a minimum) and shockwaves. She is also able to sense and tap into the vibrational energy of everything around her.

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