The Daedalus-class is a class of human built deep space carriers. In addition to being able to carry 24 F-302s, the ships themselves are heavily armed. Due to their strength, relative ease to build, reliability, and versatility, they serve as the main vessel for the operations for the unknown organization in which Grif appears to have significant leverage in.


32 railguns on the hull allow for point-defense from every angle and can contribute a barrage of firepower to enemy vessels. 16 missile bays are capable of firing various warheads, including Naquadah enhanced nuclear warheads. Finally, the Daedalus-class has four forward-firing beam weapons that can devastate even the most advanced shields. Unfortunately, these require a large amount of power, and can take time to charge depending on the amount of power being used by other systems. As a result, usually only two are used during combat.


The Daedalus-class's shields are able to take a large amount of damage before failing, and when giving large amounts of power, are almost unstoppable.


The Daedalus-class has standard maneuvering thrusters which allow for various adjustments of trajectory in all directions. While they are the slowest method of propulsion, they allow for precise movement, and are small enough to not be openly exposed on the hull. The Daedalus-class has two main sublight engines and eight smaller ones that provide enough thrust for the Daedalus-class to reach half the speed of light. Finally, the hyperdrive engines allow the vessel to travel from one galaxy to another in a couple weeks.

Known Daedalus-class VesselsEdit