Excalibur is the third DSIF Artificial Intelligence of the CMF.

Excalibur AI Avatar


1 Year (Display: Knight in Prime)


Artificial Intelligence (Human/Forerunner Hybrid)



Armor Color

Dark-Blue / Black

Plume Color



(Older "Sisters")


None; Appears Male


Excalibur is the third DSIF created by the CMF. Unlike his two older sisters, he was created with combat and warfare as his specialty, as opposed to unit management (Histoire) and all around efficieny (Rho). This attribute has quickly earned him a nickname as "The Warmind" throughout the CMF and some of its allies. Excalibur is currently assigned to the CMF King Arthur MK.II, as he is one of the three current CMF AI's capable of running the ship's systems at full efficieny.


Like all other DSIFs, Excalibur has immense processing power which can be put towards almost any task, and is able to create ultra-realistic hardlight representations of himself. His unique attribute though, fitting his nickname, is his unparalleled efficiency when controlling a ship. Excalibur was built for war so he excels more then the other DSIFs in almost anythign combat related.

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